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Brexit; British citizens living in the UK to loose a fundamental right

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“British citizens living in the UK would be denied a fundamental right conferred on them by citizenship of the European Union,” the German paper Die Welt quoted the advice as saying.
They could take action in UK courts “in defence of their rights to vote and stand for election … in accordance with applicable national rules”.
And EU citizens in the UK would also be prevented from “exercising their right to vote and stand in elections toOn Tuesday, Ms May – while insisting she remained opposed to delaying Brexit – told MPs: “An extension beyond the end of June would mean the UK taking part in the European Parliament elections.”
However, the legal opinion warned of “a violation of the active and passive voting rights of British nationals” if there was a delay beyond 23-26 May, when the elections are held.
 the European parliament in their state of residence”, laying Britain open to possible action by the European Commission.
The European Court of Justice could issue a preliminary ruling on “whether or not Britain’s non-participation in the European elections is legally permissible”.
It is increasingly plausible that the EU will insist on a much longer extension – possibly 21 months, to allow a trade deal to be agreed while the UK is a member, avoiding the backstop controversy.
This week, Emmanuel Macron hinted at that approach when he said France would block a Brexit delay unless it had a “clear objective” based on a “new choice” by the British.


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