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Breaking; N30,000 minimum wage' Nothing To Write Home About- Nigerians React.

senateSome Nigerians have reacted to the recent approval of the new minimum wage bill. On Tuesday, We broke the news that the Nigerian Senate had given approval for N30,0000 as the new national minimum wage.

Senator Francis Alimikhena, the head of the ad hoc committee saddled with the responsibility of assessing the bill, announced the approval during a plenary session in Abuja on Tuesday.

Politics took to the streets of Lagos, Ikeja to be precise, where we asked Nigerians to give their reaction to this new development.

Speaking with our correspondent, Simon said “If you look at the scale at which that minimum wage was signed you will believe with me that there is still something fishy we talking about 50% of the tax that should be imposed on that particular N30,000. If you look at it is still on the same Average, they have not made any change we still at the same level we are.”

Another Nigerian, Joachim Efe; “It is good on the part of workers but 30000 is nothing to write home about. It cannot but anything. If you are been paid 30,000 without having another source of income to complement it cannot push you to anywhere. When you pay school fees, buy food for your family, house rent and other expenses it not even enough but at all at all nah him bad pass”, he said.

Joachim Efe

“Its a stipend so every day one will be spending N1000. For example, for you see the kind of bill the so-called PHCN bring. That money is nothing to write home about. Another example in Lagos people come all the way from Sango to VI. If you want to take Gokada it like N1000. In Nigeria, you pay for everything Water, electricity. I don’t know why Nigerians are celebrating the money is nothing.” Adisa Keji told PoliticsNGR.

“Its good for the interest of the workers. The fact that the rate of inflation has been so high and the take-home pay of workers. It’s a good thing and let’s hope that the increase in a way will also have an impact on the workers in terms of increasing their wellbeing” a man who identified himself simply as Barrister Bello told our correspondent.

Barrister Bello

“It is a big step after Buhari taking office in 2019 and I know them increasing the minimum wage will lead to productivity on the part of workers,” Gbenga told us.


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