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Briafra Referendum: Nothing Can Save Nigeria from Collapse

Ask any hardcore Biafran why he believes Biafra referendum is the last hope of being saved? He will tell you that Nigeria is cruel to herself, it is not working, has never worked and can never work.  You will hear him explain how the British drunk man called Lord Lugard on the lapse of a woman like Samson mocked the people that live in the geographical expression they mapped out by simply drawing a line on the paper to describe the territories. 

You will hear him tell you of the ecstasy that motivated Flora Shaw to Pronounce Niger-Area and in deep delusion ended up in pronouncing Nigeria.  Just that sound alone convinced Lugard that there is sense in the funny joke and that was the name that sounded right to describe the people he treated as Monkeys and Baboons that will never reason.

The hardcore Biafran will tell you how the great men from the old eastern region was at the fore front for the fight for independence to be free from the grip of the evil associated with colonization and he will describe the kind of independence that was given in 1960.

At that instance, you will see him take a deep breath and look at you with some sense of pain because you are taking him through memory lane.  Within a twinkle of an eye his mind will travel between 1960 to 1967; seven years of horror! Yet, it marked the beginning of another horrible experience.
You will see tears dropping from his eyes when he remember 1967 to 1970 and the ONE NIGERIA slogan; coined in pretense to end a horrible genocide of millions of Biafrans, yet, the killings continued. He will remember how the world fought against one nation and forced that joke called Nigeria to remain one at gun point.

If you want to get the hard core Biafran angry, ask him why not accept one Nigeria? He will look at you strait to the eye ball and yell at you, tufiakwa! Never! I am a Biafran!  Biafra is my identity and Biafra is my religion. Biafra is the land of the rising sun, Biafra is the kingdom of Chiokike Abiama, Biafra! Biafra!! Biafra!!!

You will discover that you only ended up in provoking him to pray. He will lift his eyes and pray to Chiokike Abiama - Your kingdom come and your will be done in Biafra land.  When he is through he will tell you that Biafran referendum is loading and nothing can save Nigeria from collapse!
Yes, nothing can stop Nigeria from collapse. Everything is against Nigeria and even the President of Nigeria himself is against Nigeria, so, who on the whole planet earth, can save her from collapse? Nobody!

Nigeria is a hate speech that was formed out of resentment from the argument between Flora Shaw and Lord Lugard and everything about Nigeria has been so from the beginning.

Now, with Biafra referendum, the people of the old eastern region will showcase to the whole world the beginning of a new way of life. A world born out of freedom, to baptize the world with freedom and to sustain the world in freedom. The world of nature and beauty sustained by love and protection for humanity.


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