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DSS Went to Search for IPOB’s 40million Referendum Ballot Papers in Abaribe’s House

Nigeria will forever regret messing with the Indigenous People of Biafra; just watch this! 
Nigeria is in total confusion and everything in disarray. The more they try to fix it with their cruel heart of darkness the more things fall apart.

Within one week of a simple announcement by IPOB of the printing of referendum ballot papers fear gripped everything in green white green.  Abuja is shaking and the cabals have set a haughty eyes on their slaves but it is really unfortunate that there is nothing they can do to stop the restoration of Biafra.

Nigeria fell deeper into a crunchy staunch ditch the moment they arrested Enyinnaya Abaribe. The Fulani Cabals handling Aso-Rock and their script writers simply created the background for the total collapse of what is left in the center of the heart of darkness they called Nigeria. 
IPOB had earlier warned them but they did not listen but by this, Nigeria is sure that, what looked like a Child's play is now the game of intelligence.

Nigeria collapsed even when IPOB have not given the real push. Could Nigeria not have been wise enough to read the handwriting on the wall that apart from the fact that Abaribe is a Biafran, his eloquence in the senate seemed to be the pillar suggesting that something like democracy exists in Nigeria?  The moment Abaribe was arrested the whole entity received the bang and democracy in Nigeria finally went into oblivion.

The uproar everywhere, the owners of Nigeria jumping in jubilation on Friday in their mosques that they have the impunity to touch and destroy every opposition.  Anybody who dare speak up against their collective decisions implemented by the figure they placed in Aso Rock is the traitor they must silence by all means.

It is unbelievable that the cabals think that IPOB’s 40 million ballot papers for Biafran referendum was heaped in the house of Enyinnaya Abaribe right there in Abuja.

Having arrested Abaribe on Friday the DSS went in a curious search of his Abuja house and took several hours searching and searching endlessly. 


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