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Biafra: Michel Obi Escapes DSS Arrest

There is nothing that angered the Aso Rock cabals than to see themselves being so helpless when the Biafran flag fly all over the world. And to worsen the whole thing Nigeria lost her opening match to Croatia. Just at that moment Michel knew he was already in a fix.

Did he not shake hands in the presidency and promised he was coming back with the trophy?
Seeing that the ongoing FIFA senior world cup hosted by Russia is the biggest center for global display of the Biafran flag, IPOB members dutifully hijacked the euphoria in the atmosphere by raising the beautiful flag of the land of the rising sun at the biggest football stage in the world.

While The Indigenous People of Biafra have continued to turn the atmosphere to favour Biafra, Michel Obi found himself in a fix. He made a promise and Biafrans knew it was impossible for a country that have not invested in their youth to win the world cup.  How would the same youth that the president said are lazy get to the global stage and perform the miracle of eliminating all the countries that have invested so much in their youth? Michel must have been too fast to have made the promise.

Yet, Biafrans helped him by going to the social media to explain to those who may never understand that Michel simply said that to teach the president how it feels to promise and fail.  After all, APC must know that they did not have the monopoly of promise and fail.  The change they promised Nigeria actually changed to horrible killing of Christians and the witch hunting of any person who dare criticize the presidency.

While Biafra stood strong to support Iceland for their humanitarian support during the 1967 Biafra genocide it down on millions of supporters that Michael Obi like Enyinnaya Abaribe may be heading straightway into the hands of the DSS.

Who knows the first person that will test ISIS tag at the Nigerian Airport? The announcement by the Nigerian government that they are biffing up security at the Airport have put everybody at alert because the new ISIS label must be tested somehow.

Now that the whole place is boiling, Michel Obi just need to be very careful because the Aso Rock cabals may not really think of the implication of putting the tag on him if he fail to bring the trophy home.

With the false flag raised by Britain and validated by the Nigerian government that ISIS from Syria are training in Nigeria to attack Britain and they just have to raise the false flag to empower them position themselves to arrest their targets and label them ISIS.

It is not even surprising that two days after the DSS have gone ahead to arrest some weeds smoking boys in Nigeria and label them ISIS, just to cement their claims in the minds of the gullible ones. The Nigerian government have mastered the art of fabricating notorious lies. One can just expect anything.

However, Michael Obi could just be one step saved from being arrested by DSS after leading Nigeria to a win in their second match in Russia 2018 world cup but one cannot really be sure that everything is alright with Biafrans who still mingle with the false identity of being called a Nigerian. 


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