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Biafra: The Massacre of 3.5 Million Biafra Was an Act of Kindness Says Buhari

President Buhari has explained why he has been so angry with Biafrans.  According to the President, Gowon was so kind to have massacred 3.5 million Biafrans. 

Buhari is angry that Gowon was not so tough to have fortified the army to have ruptured the entire Biafra within days of the civil war.

Buhari said this in Abuja on Monday June 4 2018 while addressing the delegation of Red Cross Society during a courtesy visit held at the Council Chamber State House in Abuja.

After the Indigenous People of Biafra declared 30th May sit at home in honour of the fallen Biafran heroes who were massacred by the cruel Nigerian/British government during the civil war and those who died in the course of the restoration of Biafra in protests in the hands of the Nigerian tyrannous government.  The sit at home was fully observed by Biafrans and the compliance drives the Nigerian government crazy hence Buhari’s anger rekindled.

Buhari who went ahead to say that Gowon was so kind to Biafra because according to him they were brothers did not explain if the economic blockade was also an act of kindness and a sign of brotherliness.

According to him, “I remember with nostalgia the performance of the Commander-in-Chief, General Gowon. Every commander was given a copy of the Commander-in-Chief’s instructions that we were not fighting enemies but that we were fighting our brothers. And thus, people were constrained to show a lot of restraint…”

Buhari remembers with nostalgia the days he raped Biafran women at Nkpor and some of the pregnant women whose tommy were out to stop the rape were cut open and the foetus was destroyed.
He said it was an act of kindness with the deep sense of brotherliness for Gowon to renege against Aburi Peace accord and in turn declare war against Biafrans who only resorted to self-defence.

Buhari said that every commander was given a copy of the Commander-in-Chief’s instruction when they flew fighter jets that bombed market places, hospitals, and the churches in Biafra land during the civil war.  And after the civil war none of these commanders were ever tried and jailed for war crimes instead, Buhari became president of Nigeria.
President Buhari also acknowledge that the red cross did not find it easy in the front when Biafran civilians were being massacred.

According to him, “Earlier in my profession, during the civil war, I know how much sacrifice members of the Nigerian Red Cross and their international counterparts did both in the real front of operations and at the rear, on both sides. I think it is a lot of sacrifices because anything can happen to you in the operational areas. “The risks they faced were real and I admire their courage and commitment to helping people who were in distress and were virtually in millions. Those photographs of people from the Biafra enclave spoke a lot.

However, President Buhari’s reaction to the 30th May sit at home and the ongoing Islamisation agenda where Christians are being killed in horrible ways simply suggest that he want Biafra ruptured because he is bent on destroying Christians and finish the 1804 Jihad.


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