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Biafra: Coalition Seekers Are Infiltrators

In what appear to be a serious observation by a hardcore IPOB member, Chekwube cried out that "Coalition Seekers" are infiltrators.

According to Chekwube Nwufor who raised the alarm on the social media, agreeing with is brother, he explained that IPOB is like a Barrack, soldier go soldier come, Barrack remains where it is. IPOB doesn't need a coalition rather other groups need IPOB. We are bigger than Ohaneze, APGA, PDP, APC and even Nigeria so who can challenge IPOB? We are the biggest freedom fighting organization in the world and the most peaceful one at that. This call by some elements to unite is simply to infiltrate the IPOB which they have used different tactics in the past and failed. IPOB will never stand low to accommodate anybody, if you want to join as my brother rightly said, you should join any available IPOB family meeting near you.

It could be noted that after the success of the 30th May sit at home declared by IPOB and fully observed all through Biafra land, other Nigerian stunted agents in the name of Biafra freedom fighters have failed to find any shed for their futility hence they seek for a coalition with IPOB. 

Coalition seekers could learn to be patient and join the queue like every other Biafran in IPOB. This is because IPOB has practically been proven to be different from all the so called groups whose leaders at one time or the other have compromised with the Nigerian government.

IPOB leadership have displayed a dogged approach to the fight for freedom of Biafra, disciplined under the command and control of the principles laid down by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The success being recorded today did not just come by wishful thinking, it is a product of consistent undeterred focus, rejecting all the mouth watery offers from the British and Nigerian government, remained bold in the face of tyranny and maintained a peaceful approach in the quest for the restoration of Biafra. 


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