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We Buried Over 72 Dead Bodies In Mubi Blast ・Villager Alleges

Conflicting death tolls are not uncommon in Nigeria and the authorities have previously under-reported casualties in the Boko Haram conflict . Biafra TV investigation has shown that the Christian community lose over 72 people in yesterday Mubi Adamawa Islamic terrorists attack. The conflicting reports and an attempt by government officials to water down drastically, the number of casualties remains a concern to the world.

Information commissioner for Adamawa State, Ahmed Sajo , on Wednesday said 29 were killed; while Imam Garki, from the National Emergency Management Agency , said 30 had died.

Sajo said it was ・possible people could have identified their relations and taken them home without going to the hospital.・In that case, we have no way of knowing how many of such cases there were. It's possible some people could have buried their dead without taking them to hospital.・
A resident of Mubi town who spoke to AFP said, We buried 76 people yesterday ( Tuesday ),・said one, asking to remain anonymous. Today , as at 3:00 pm ( Wednesday ), 10 more bodies were brought in and buried.

These people died overnight from injuries, obviously,・he told AFP., Another grave digger, who also asked for his name not to be used, supported the account. We hope we are done with the burials, ・he added .

The figures are in line with the accounts of two residents who, on Tuesday evening said they attended the funerals of more than 60 people and that more bodies were still arriving. 的 think this is the worst attack Mubi has ever witnessed. The human loss is unimaginable,・said one local, Muhammad Hamidu.

The last time so many people were killed in an attack blamed on Boko Haram was in January 2016, when at least 85 people lost their lives in Dalori, on the outskirts of Maiduguri.


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