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Rochas Okorocha: The Islamic Superman in a Cage

Rochas Okorcha came to power when he treacherously demolished oppositions and cunningly wangled himself into the number one seat in Imo state after deceiving the masses with a camouflage of his philanthropic show of free education.

While the masses were still sleeping waiting for their savior to restore the dilapidated infrastructure, create job opportunities for the youth and raise the standard of living for the masses, the treacherous Okorocha started setting his plan on every roundabout in Imo state.
It looked beautiful when the people never understood what he planned to do when he beautified the roundabouts and fixed his eyes strongly at the center of these roundabouts but the roads kept deteriorating.

Imo peopled seemed to be sleeping when the governor went whirled with the molding of statue at every junction like every indigenous person in Imo needed one for worship, the scanty allocation from the federal purse was drained and the pensioners had to be duped for the governor to maintain his fleet of cars.

Like the sting of a bee civil servants cried out when they saw what happened to the pension fund they just remembered the accumulation of unpaid salaries but their cry was like Cain crying before his father for just anything left of his blessing after he realized what happened when he sold his birthright for a lunch.

Okorocha became so powerful when he went ahead to demolish traditional markets with impunity.  Killing Somtochukwu and immortalizing his name was the blessing anybody that stood on his way could get as he ensured that the business of the people were smashed, turning the masses to baggers with himself as the only cruel philanthropic savior.

Caged in APC and wearing the Islamization agenda as a garment, his cruel heart so dark as his teeth shines but he must be made to realize that the Indigenous People of Biafra have taken enough from his sonorous shit.

Rochas Okorocha is the leader of the Efulefu imposters who has been leading the Islamisation agenda from within in Biafraland. He planted himself in Biafra land in pretense, like an indigenous Person but Mazi Nnamdi Kanu knew him from afar.

Okoroawusa is the man we know, a core Muslim that took the Christian garment for politics, a jihadist, and a silent killer.  Looking so innocent as if Biafrans should look away from him especially when he pretend not to be killing Biafrans in his state but the worst is that he has secretly surrounded himself with the deadly Islamic terrorist group and will be ready to explode any day.

 The Indigenous People of Biafra are watching Okorocha closely, in all his moves with his Abuja ally to force the people to accept his son inlaw; another hardcore Muslim in an endless ring.

The ongoing jihad against Christians cannot take a political dimension in Imo state without notice.
Okorocha is the APC superman in the Jihadist cage and he has gradually prepared a systematic political circle to make Imo the center of the Jihadist movement in Igbo land.  He has built the foundation for violence and the stage is set but he must realize that the killing of innocent Biafra Christians got to stop and the Islamisation agenda must stop as well.

As Biafra heroes remembrance day draw close, Biafra do remember dede Mbakwe and his love for Biafran people.  Everything Dede Mbakwe built, Okorocha has destroyed but these memories live with Biafrans all along.


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