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Over 45 Persons Killed By Fulani Herdsmen In A Fresh Attack In Kaduna

Forty-five people died in an attack by armed Fulani herdsmen in northern Nigeria, civilian militia members said on Sunday, amid growing levels of rural violence often involving robbery and kidnappings for ransom.

The eye witness stated, the 45 bodies were found scattered in the bush. The bandits pursued residents who mobilized to defend the village after overpowering them,・said a vigilante who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals.

The dead included children abandoned by their parents during the attack.
the attackers were obviously Fulani Terrorist Herdmen from neighbouring Zamfara state who have been terrorising Birnin Gwari area・ he added.

The vigilante said the Fulani herdsmen struck Gwaska village in Kaduna state at about 2:30pm (13:30 GMT) Saturday and stayed for three hours before retreating to their base in the forest in Zamfara. they burnt down many homes・he said

Vanguard reports that a spokesman for the Kaduna state police, Mukhtar Aliyu, confirmed the attack by armed bandits・but said they were unable to give further details.
The killings follow the death of at least 25 people in separate attacks in northern Nigeria last week.

Thirteen people were killed in prolonged clashes between cattle thieves and local civilian militia in Zamfara. In Adamawa, in the northeast, meanwhile, at least 12 people were killed in an attack on several villages.

The attacks underlined the diversity of Nigerian security threats that persist in the absence of a robust police force and efficient judicial system. Nigeria is in the grip of a security crisis as nomadic herders turned Terrorist and helpless unarmed sedentary farmers fight over land in an increasingly bloody battle for resources.

Those who are conversant with the operations of Terrorist on Jihad mission will appreciate the fact that, there is no clash between farmers and Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen other than, Ethnic cleansing orchestrated by the Jihadist President Buhari who sworn to ensure that Sharia Law is practiced in all the states of Nigeria.

BiafraTV reporter, Okechukwu John, wish to inform the world that what Nigeria Media outfits calls clashes, is nothing but a Jihad on the indigenous Northern Christian communities and Biafra Land, because unarmed farmers and indigenous people cannot clash with Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen armed to the teeth.


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