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Nigeria Is In Near Disintegration Now Due To Buhari's Incompetency- Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Sends SOS

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has raised alarm over the speedy disintegration of Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari.
Obasanjo said this while denying the reports that he has decided to endorse Buhari's second term. In a statement issued on Obasanjo's behalf by Kehinde Akinyemi, his media aide, the ex-president accused some desperate elements・in Buhari's camp of spreading falsehood against him.
Obasanjo said they are trying to create the impression that he is now in support of Buhari's second term.

The statement reads in part, "It has come to the attention of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo that some elements in the Muhammadu Buhari camp and or support group are desperate to secure a second term, fair or foul. In this desperation, everything is fair, including telling libelous lies against persons and institutions, instead of addressing the fundamental issues of statecraft and economic management.
He doesn't believe dishing out fake news that can only be believed by imbeciles will turn black into white. Nigerians know that Chief Obasanjo has only spoken the truth about widening poverty, alienation and social disunity and near disintegration of the country through Buhari's incompetence, he stated.

Reacting to Trump's meeting with Buhari, Obasanjo mocks the meeting as he said,"From the Buhari/Trump meeting, Chief Obasanjo only saw through three points: One, the US will continue to reduce purchase of crude oil from Nigeria and there is nothing Nigeria under Buhari can do about; two, the US will export agricultural products to Nigeria and Buhari's government will encourage that; and three ・all the killings taking place in Nigeria by herdsmen are being done by expatriates trained by Gadaffi and no Nigerian is to blame and Buhari cannot do anything to stop it.
For whatever the meeting was worth, President Buhari again bungled another opportunity to self-redeem.

No wonder President Trump ordered him in a rather condescending manner to go back home and stop the killings going on in Nigeria! We hope now Buhari will heed Trump's advice which hopefully will be considered non-abusive, Obasanjo stated.BTV wish to remind the world that, Obasanjo is in no way better than Buhari when it comes to killing of Biafrans, a quick reminder is the bombing of Odi, in Bayelsa State, during his tenure in 1999, which led to the extermination of many communities of Odi. Biafrans will not forget Obasanjo's atrocities in Biafra Land, in a hurry.


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