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May 30th sit at home: Biafra is here to teach the world the power of love

Biafra restores love to mankind by declaring a sit at home protest in Biafra land on May 30th. The world must learn to love and not hate.  The world must learn how to stand up for truth and not promote lies.  The world must learn how to prevent genocide and not look the other way and somebody must be held responsible for polluting the world with cruelty and advanced state sponsored terrorism.

The worst trauma Biafra face is the hypocrisy of the United Nations.  The body that said, they united to protect human right turned and have become an institute for protecting cruelty. Yes, Biafra face extinction since 1966 and there is a Body called the United Nations but shame to the UN that they cover Britain and Nigeria and not stand up to protect the right of innocent Biafran children, pregnant women, and helpless old men and women who suffered and face extinction for dare trying to survive in a cruel world.

It has become so obvious that there is no other way to defeat terrorism and stop cruelty than to remember Biafran fallen heroes.
The Indigenous People of Biafra declare May 30th a sit at home in honour of the Biafra fallen heroes and heroines.  Biafra remember those that died in love for Biafra and those who died as victims of cruelty from the oppressive Nigerian government but the United Nations continued to keep silent.

The United Nations fail because love eluded humanity as greed drove the world into barbarism when more than 3.5 million Biafrans were massacred during the civil war and more people have died after, leaving Biafra people to face the post war marginalization in barbaric measures put in place by the cruel Nigerian government. Could the world continue to look the other way after fifty years of continues massacre and clearly planned extinction of all Biafrans by Nigeria and Britain?

Biafra In near extinction! Biafra heroes and heroines have died in horrible ways for the defense of Biafra since 1967. How else can one show love if not in selfless sacrifice especially when the sacrifice is unto death? Yet the United Nations closed their eyes in shame.

Love is stronger than death.  The memory of Bruce Mayrock whose love for Biafra dying children drove him to protest right before the United Nations office in New York, he set himself ablaze to shame the United Nations for their hypocrisy.  Yet the United Nations intentionally kept mute. The love Bruce Mayrock displayed kept burning as one of the great memories of Biafran fallen heroes. What else is the definition of love?

Love is the glow that produces life, a great reward in nature. Love is the pain human beings take to be kind.  Nature cannot be separated from love and love cannot be separated from nature but man destroy love by destroying nature and destroy nature by killing love. Nature flow in love and between love and nature there is no competition.

It is shocking that the United Nations have openly displayed hate instead of love by not respecting Biafra’s right to self-determination. It is a deeper shock that the UN watch the extinction of Biafra and close their eyes.  Could the United Nations pretend not to know Biafra?

Biafra land is pure and natural and the Biafran identity is deeply rooted in spirituality empowered by nature and love. The death of Biafra is the death of nature and love.

But Nigeria roles in the United Nations has deep root in Britain, Lorded by Britain, and drained by Britain. Nigeria developed the terrorist identity that the world know and President Trump has made a clear statement that the killing of Christians in Nigeria must stop. Yet the United Nations have not called Nigeria to conduct a referendum.

Apart from Boko Haram that have been classified by the U.S. as the terrorist group most equipped with lethal weapon in the world, Nigerian government has developed itself into a terrorist country with the APC president in clear support for Fulani Herdsmen. The silence of the United Nation to the Islamic agenda in Nigeria could point to the fact that the world have become a dangerous place to live.

Terrorism is the worst enemy of love. Terrorism is the product of a cruel mind.  It is born out of greed and jealousy.

The big question Biafra children ask and meditate; a journey for recovery and discovery remain, who killed nature, why did love die and the world shiver in terror.
The world watch Biafra struggle in a horrible Fulani world of terror. A world where terrorism has advanced to swallow humanity in quest for materialism. The trample on human dignity forms the value for living. 

Yet, Biafra is the land of the rising sun, Biafra is the host of life, Biafra remain the land of beauty for humanity. Biafra live to make the world beautiful but where is the origin of cruelty in Biafra land that Biafra now beg the world for freedom, could Biafra be paying for the sins of the ancestors?

The only sin traceable to the ancestors was that they lived much more like humans and welcomed strangers.  The ancestors loved too much and gave too much that they gave themselves into slavery. The ancestors were too natural that with open eyes and open mind they welcomed the terrorists who dressed in white, bearing the white bible but never lived the life in the bible.
Britain set her haughty eyes against Biafra long ago.  She struggle with the Portuguese who had a little conscience to trade direct. 

While in Biafra, the ancestors were so relaxed under the umbrella of nature, Britain sat in Berlin for the scramble and partition of Africa, there was a struggle of who takes the richest, the most beautiful and the loveliest land on the planet earth.

Britain sprang to her feet! With the bang on the table to announce her authority and her ready heart of cruelty to destroy the root of nature.  She insisted that she had the techniques and power to lead the fight against nature by taking territories without the consent of the ancestors.
Remember that the generation of slaves had lived on while in slavery and Britain pretend to lead the fight against slave trade but they became the new Lord.

Slave trade officially ended but colonialism stood. The world did not know Britain had learnt a new technique for slave trade. They refuse to paint the line between slave trade and colonialism.
Blacks were free to return home from slave trade but they had established an identity of slavery.  Where did the black man learn the art of greed and jealousy?

Why did Nnamdi Azikiwe fight for the independence of a false entity and not fight to uphold the traditional democratic principles in his own kindred?                                  
Nobody has terrorized nature like Britain! Britain destroyed the love between Biafra and her neighbors and things fell apart and the center can no longer hold.

The British indirect rule is as destructive as the chemical weapon that North Korea detonate but Britain cruelly held on after killing millions of Biafra through her indirect rule system.
Nature must revenge! Britain must pay dearly for destroying the love of the ancient and they must be held responsible for the death of millions of Biafra and the ongoing terrorism in Nigeria. The establishment of the Royal Niger Company, the amalgamation of Nigeria, the false Independence and their hypocrisy of refusing to free Biafra.

The fight for the restoration of Biafra is basically the fight for the restoration of the human dignity.
The human identity is conceived in dignity but a diversion in terror is the evidence that human beings have lost their real identity.

The ancient men enjoyed the world of beauty as the world glow in nature.
The only way to return the world to nature is to restore Biafra but shame to the world that Britain is one of the leaders in the United Nations.

A piece dedicated to the fallen Heroes by:
Bright Oriaku.


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