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Go Home And Rest, APC Is A Party Of Confusion ・Cardinal Onaiyekan Blasts Buhari

Cardinal Onaiyekan has expressed fear over the possible disintegration of Nigeria. The clergy who spoke in different national issues that threaten Nigeria existence predicts the end of Nigeria too soon. Daily sun reported that Cardinal Onaiyekan expressed his fear over the soon end of Nigeria if nothing is done against it. His word, "For various reasons, personally, if he came to me for advice, I will tell him it is time for retirement. But as you know, constitutionally, he is free.

He is free to go for a second term if his party gives him the ticket at the primaries and he goes out and does what it requires to campaign and Nigerians are allowed to vote and their votes are counted properly.

These are the things we are very much concerned about.
It will be terrible though if all kinds of manoeuvres are put in place and we are hearing bad news in this regard that somehow, things are being manipulated to practically make sure that the votes, election result will go in one way namely: in the return of the incumbent. We are hearing those stories and we are keeping our ears to the ground and we hope that nobody will try to carry that too far because he will make Nigerians too angry.

We want a country where votes will count. Just as Jonathan created a situation where INEC ran election with relative autonomy to the extent that the president himself lost, the present government should run the election in such a way that even the president can lose because himself is a beneficiary of an electoral system that allows the incumbent to lose.

And it is when the incumbent loses that we can really be sure that there is some amount of transparency. This comes to the point I was making about honesty.
We are hearing that even the exercise of registration is being manipulated and that there are certain places you can easily get your voters card and that in other places, you line up the whole day and they tell you no show. The result is that at the end of the day, there are certain places where people will be able to vote easily and in other places, they will not.

We are hearing that there are bus loads of foreigners being brought in and given voters cards to bloat up the crowd that will vote for a particular president. If this is being done by government itself, it is a shame.The government shouldnt be doing that. We have lived for so long under politics understood as manipulation so much so that Nigeria now, when you speak of politics, our dictionary meaning of politics is deceit.

This is a tragedy, meaning that if you are a politician, you must deceive people, which means we are running a government based on deceit. You are telling lies, telling lies to the people. And we are hearing it every day.

It must stop because the country cannot live on lies indefinitely. And we have been on this for more than 50 years now since the coup of Nzeogwu, right up to today. We don't seem to have made much progress. But my fear is that we are reaching the brink." the clergy stated


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