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Fulani Herdsmen Attack: Biafra Christians Prayed for Rapture not Rupture

Christians in Nigeria look up to President Trump of the United States of America who vowed that the killing of Christians in Nigeria must stop.

Like hell, the earth burn severely hot and the heat do smash like the cut of the Fulani Cutlass against an innocent child in Benue.

The bursting of the brain, the butcher of the flesh and the spilling of the Christian blood soak the earth and the world is painted bloody.

While Christians pray; thy kingdom come, thy will be don on earth, they expect a world free from molestation, pain and gnashing of teeth.

But hell was let loose again against Christians who face extinction for their religion and ethnicity in the Jihadist area called Nigeria.  The Christian communities in Ido-Gbede of Ijuma local government of Kogi state were the focus for the Monday morning attack by Fulani Herdsmen.

Most of these defenseless Christians were in church on Sunday, the day before the attack, praying for rapture, especially now when one cannot guarantee the next community to be attacked by Fulani Herdsmen after which they were attacked on Monday morning and so many died ruptured and not rapture.

In the attack that took place on the early hours of Monday morning, Fulani Herdsmen shot rapidly and killed more than ten people at the spot.  Some Christians in the communities jumped out through the windows only to end up being hit by Fulani bullets. 

Some survivors who spoke to newsmen said, the Fulani Herdsmen numbering over 50 were heavily armed with AK47, invaded two Christian communities and opened fire on the communities.
As if all that needed to be done was to condemn the attack and close the eyes in prayers for rapture, the administrator of Mopamuro Local Government, Hon. Moses Sunday David in the usual manner condemned the attack.

Hon. Sunday Moses expressed shock that the Fulani Herdsmen has no respect for peace/security resolutions.  According to him, this is barely one week after the Peace/security meeting were held by security authorities with these Herdsmen. He said, “We are so surprised that they attacked the communities afterwards.”

However, the Indigenous People of Biafra being led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had insisted that the only way Christians can be protected is by restoring Biafra.  This is because it is only IPOB that has the discipline and boldness to stop the marauding Fulani Herdsmen who have colluded with the Nigerian military to massacre defenseless Christians.


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