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Don't Deceive Yourself, There Is No More Jobs For You-know-what Edo State Governor Warns Nigeria Graduates

Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has said that the absence of a robust, well-modeled, well-organised, adequately monitored and quality technical and vocational education and training with appropriate national and international certifications is responsible for the massive movement of young people abroad in search of greener pastures.

Governor Obaseki said this while delivering the Anniversary Lecture at the 60th Anniversary of the University of Ibadan Alumni Association, in Trenchard Hall, Ibadan, on Friday.

In the lecture entitled, Technical and Vocational Education as Imperative for Youth Empowerment, Obaseki said that a lot has to be done to change the perception of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) by fostering public support, redesigning the institutions and putting them under quality management.According to him, lean resources cannot be the excuse for not prioritizing and investing in technical and vocational education training. Leaders must take it upon themselves to change the wrong public perception. There are no more government jobs available to absorb the thousands of graduates that our higher institutions produce every year.

If we truly want to work for peace, stability, growth and development in the interest of our people and nation, this is the time to wake up and reposition TVET in Nigeria. For us in Edo State, we have recognized the challenges and we are confronting them frontally.

If we succeed in Edo State, it may inspire similar transformations elsewhere.・He said it was regrettable that several governments in the past had paid lip-service to youth empowerment,
unfortunately, despite seeming propaganda about involving the youth in decision-making over the decades since political independence, not much has been achieved. The hundreds of skills acquisition programmes in the country hardly prepare our people to deliver quality service and earn incomes that can improve their quality of life.

I must acknowledge the on-going discourses on this issue and the changes we are witnessing in some states and institutions in the public and private sectors. The fundamental reasons for this rather low level of youth involvement are policy inconsistency and plan indiscipline. Now, we have a large army of unemployed, underemployed and unemployable youths that threaten national security and stability, we are faced with the reality of what to do with them.・


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