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Buhari Sent His Men against Judeo-Christian Community in Umuahia

In a way of displaying his disapproval for the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Buhari’s men burn churches in Nigeria and met heavy punishment on Judeo-Christian a community in Umuahia.

Four Elders and Three other worshippers from Yahweh Yahshua Synagogue who were thrown behind bars by the Nigerian Jihadist Police officers have been reported today Monday morning, to be under severe pain caused by the torture being meted on them by the Police.

The Police who have continued to showcase their hatred for Biafra Judeo-Christian communities obeyed the standing instruction from the Chief Jihadist, President of Nigeria who through the IGP posted his Fulani brothers in Police Uniform to intimidate torture and kill Biafrans in Biafra land.
Amidst the continuous human right violations against Biafrans, the Fulani Jihadist President of Nigeria appear to continue to lead the way to what could be likened to another holocaust.

Biafrans who commented on the ongoing Jihad declared against Christians said that the recent clamp down on the elders and members of the Yahweh Yahshua Synagogue is the Nigerian way of meting punishment against Jews for the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem today.


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