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Biafra: Thunder Without Conscience Must Strike Saboteurs

There is a history that have been hidden from this generation. They do not understand that Biafra is a spirit.  Amadioha must be activated for Biafra to be free. The world has never known of the "Thunder without Conscience."

Only the intelligent ones will understand the the the flow below: 

All these Facebook revolutionaries make me laugh. How dare you call yourself a revolutionary if you are afraid of direct action? The concept of suffer not a saboteur to live is age old certainty. Ohaneze Ndigbo is the most corrupt institution in our land, set up by our enemies as a tool to manipulate us into perpetual submission to Hausa Fulani hegemony. How therefore can you break out of their stranglehold if not by confronting them? Kedu the type of freedom fighters we have in Biafraland bikonu.

They talk about Ambazonia as if Ambazonians have the likes of Ohaneze amongst them. Ambazonians killed all their saboteurs long before now that's why they speak with one voice today and able to record the progress they did. Facebook intellectual revolutionaries that are afraid to confront their enemies want to give us Biafra through a method nobody quite understand yet.

If you fail to remove Ohaneze Ndigbo on Monday our enemies will always use them to frustrate our efforts. This is a fact! Ohaneze are busy breeding the next generation of saboteurs to take over from them. Some of their baby saboteurs are here on Facebook yapping their usual meaningless unity nonsense. Unity with informants and traitors is the quickest way to destroy IPOB. That's exactly what Nnia Nwodo wants us to do. They will use these money hungry criminals to infiltrate and sell the struggle for peanuts.

These kobo kobo online intellectuals don't even understand what the word revolutionary means but they want to be regarded as revolutionaries. What a pathetic joke! Ohaneze Ndigbo arranged Operation Python Dance that killed hundreds and here you are online asking us to respect them. May thunder without conscience fire you bastards. You claim you are revolutionaries yet you have no regard for your comrades killed by the same people you want us to respect. Are you not a fool to be writing such nonsense online.

South Sundan fought for 30 years, Eritrea fought for 10 years, South Africa fought apartheid for 70 years and protested actively on the streets for nearly 32 years non-stop. One half educated idiot is here telling us to stop protesting after only 3 years, tomorrow you tell us you know history. Once you can speak and write convoluted grammar you suddenly become an intellectual. Please leave freedom fighting and join Zoo politics, that's where you belong. Your noise making won't get you anywhere.


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