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Biafra: Nnia Nwodo is worse than a Vampire That Must Be Stopped

Nnia Nwodo is worse than a vampire that delight himself in killing and sucking the blood of innocent Biafrans therefore he must be stopped.
Vampire is the identity of blood suckers in Europe and America while Pastors in Nigeria classify them as witches and wizards.

The mention of witches and wizards make some hearts jump with pressure so high and the imagination of the ignoramus called religious fanatics charge when the Pastor climbs the podium and read in the hearing of his congregation the portion of the Bible that says “Suffer not the witch to live”.

Nigeria Pastors have not failed to defend the poor when they promote jungle justice in the church, they have directly aided jungle justice that Nigeria stands for and they have targeted poor haggard old women as objects for attack during prayers.

It is shocking that Nigerian churches fail to identify Vampires in Nigerian politics. The same pastors that slapped poor girls openly in the church because she was classified a witch turn around and celebrate Vampires in politics because the vampires in Nigerian politics are relatively rich.

Jungle justice is one of the ills in Nigeria that the Indigenous People of Biafra stand to stop. Nigeria represent a negative system that suppress the poor.   A country where Justice in is sold in the open market and the Fulani oligarchy are in charge of the market where only members of their families have the right to buy.

Nnia Nwodo is all in one.  Call him a vampire, witch or the so called “wizard” he is more than a killer.  He is a famous name in the Fulani Kingdom. As one of their trusted agents, initiated into the Islamisation agenda, he was baptized and anointed from the Fulani coven to destroy everything about Biafra.  Nnia Nwodo has bargained with the Fulani caliphate to sell off the entire Biafra into total destruction to the hands of his hungry Fulani coven.

Some Biafrans saw him as the vulture that have been feeding on the carcass of the fallen Biafran heroes but he stepped up to renew the title when he fixed his so called summit on the 21st May,  2018; against the will of Biafra and her fallen heroes.

As Biafra, we have no option than to invoke Amadioha against all those who have taken the pleasure of killing, sabotaging and trading with the destiny of millions of Biafrans.


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