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Victim of Marginalization Vowed Never To Never Forgive Nigeria

A victim of the ongoing marginalization has vowed never to forgive Nigeria.
A caller on BTV program voiced out how he felt about how angry he was with Nigeria. Just as it has become so important to make the international communities know how Biafrans feel about Nigeria. The look at the face of the majority of people who found themselves in this contraption called Nigeria is something that must be put into a serious consideration.

As millions of the people in the failed contrition called Nigeria are exposed on daily basis to the marauding Fulani Herdsmen and Boko Haram. Tension has continued to rise as well as aggression on the faces of those who suffer hunger and abject poverty caused by the bad APC Fulani Jihadist government of Nigeria. 

Things get so bad that the more one is involved in anything in Nigeria the more one develop aggression caused by the aggressive cruel society that remained helplessly unfair to themselves and the international communities
One of those who called in during the BTV Daily Paper review yesterday remembered some of the ills in the society and in anger said:

Calling from Switzerland, he revealed how he paid $1500 for flight freight from Switzerland to Lagos while he was told that he would pay $2800 if he wants to fly directly from Switzerland to Enugu.

Another revelation is coming up from one of us on how he was charged N175,000 from Lagos to China by E. T aircraft and N280,000 from Enugu to China by the same E. T.

Pointing to the level of marginalization, he said Can you see the oppressive aviation policies on ground aimed at discouraging our people from flying directly to Portharcourt and Enugu Airports. Do you think our senators, useless governors and even hopeless idiot Nnia Nwodo are not aware of this oppressive policies?

The same applies to Ports in Onne, Warri, Calabar, Portharcourt and so on. Nigeria consciously apply the same policies on the cargo ships to discourage the development of sea ports in Biafra land.


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