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Paid Pro-Buhari Protesters Hide From Cameras

Pictures of few rented protesters by Buhari's led Government were shared by the president's media aid Mr Adesina. The rented individuals who were seen welcoming Buhari at his arrival could not behold the camera as many of them were captured on camera, covering their faces with their printed banners. Despite the huge undisclosed amount of dollars spent on the hired protesters, many saw the identification with Buhari as an image damage, hence chose to accept the bribe but shield off camera.

Same approach was adopted in UK where it was alleged that Buhari handlers gave 150 pounds to pro-Buhari's protesters though many taking the money, never showed up.This measure is adopted widely by Buhari's administration and these evil propaganda is orchestrated by Yorubas like Lai Mohammend and Femi Adesina. It can be recalled that they posted pictures of Nigerians watching Egypt vs Nigeria football match as those who welcomed President Buhari in Benue. Similarly, they posted pictures of a Bridge construction going-on somewhere in the west and said it is Second Niger bridge. BTV reporter who filed-in this report wish to inform the world not to believe anything said by Nigerian government but do their findings, because Nigeria government is incapable of telling the truth.


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