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Nigeria Refuses To Translate ECOWAS Court Case Required

Documents To French Language As A Way To Frustrate The Case The refusal of Nigeria Government to translate required documents to French language stalled ECOWAS Court sitting in Bamako Mali.

In reaction to the delay tactics of Nigeria government, leading counsel to Biafra team of lawyers Barr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor stated, "My next step is to consult with the leadership of IPOB for the next step forward because its clear that these people are not serious with this case. They are not serious at all, he lamented. I have lost confidence in this ECOWAS court because its clear that they are been influenced from God knows where", Barr Ejiofor stated.

It will be recall that the same issue of translation that made the matter to be adjourned severally while sitting in Abuja is what the judge came up with in Bamako saying that the defendants of the federal govt's applications are yet to be translated to French language and adjourned the case till 14th of June 2018.


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