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Nigeria Embarrasses Foreign Investors In Us

Nigeria Embarrasses Foreign Investors In Us
Confusion, as cold-war begins between Nigeria US embassy staff and the Buhari led government ministers.

The cold-war began as a result of heat generated by the international embarrassment melted on foreign investors who were in Nigeria on embassy proposed Nigeria investment summit. The early embarrassment of late commencement of the meeting from 9am to 10am against the knowledge of the sited prospectus investors, was a contributor to the cold-war.

The height of the embarrassment was the total refusal by the ministers in US not to attend the meeting on what they claimed was a poor planning on the side of the embassy staff.
Serious minded investors will definitely shun Nigeria for investment deal, because a country governed by a man who couldnt improve himself from 1984 to 2015 have nothing to offer in the area growing economy and will definitely make approve wrong economic policies.


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