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Government Abandoned the Victims of Herdsmen Attack To Starve To Death

The victims of the attack by Fulani Herdsmen in Plateau state have cried out over neglect by the government.

Reports from Jos, the Plateau state capital have highlighted the victims of the recent attacks on rural communities in Daffo District of Bokkos Local Government in Plateau who have accused the state government of neglecting those displaced.

Mr. Emmanuel Macham, in a statement on Sunday in Jos, accused government of abandoning the victims to their fate and “ignoring complaints that some are starving to death’’. He said that 10,000 persons had been displaced by the violence that claimed several lives, adding that many others were still missing.

According to him, the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), who were first camped in COCIN Church, Bokkos, before being relocated to COCIN Church, Daffo, have been “thrown into the streets’’ after the camp was closed down on Friday.

“The camp was closed down on Friday because there was no food to maintain the IDPs. “Some of the displaced persons sleep in Churches, while others stay in schools, markets, uncompleted buildings, or relations houses,’’ he said.

He alleged that no government official visited the IDPs camp before it was closed, adding that no assistance was received from NEMA or the Plateau State Emergency Agency. Macham called on the Plateau government to build tents to assist the IDPs “instead of leaving them to wander around without shelter, food or water’’.

The Nigerian Army in a serious effort to remarket their battered image wants the media to report that they are making donations to IDP camp to distract the public of their roles in colluding the Herdsmen.


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