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Christian Body Calls For Protest On Sunday 29th April

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has called for a national day of protest against unending killings and bloodshed in the country.
The call was made against the backdrop of the killing of two priests and 17 worshippers of St. Ignatius Catholic church, Mbalom, Gwer East LGA of Benue State.
In a statement on Wednesday, CAN President, Rev Olasupo Ayokunle, urged Christians to hold the peaceful protests within their church premises on Sunday April 29, 2018.

CAN seizes this medium to appeal to the government of President Muhammadu Buhari to mount different effective plans aimed towards disarming herdsmen across the northern states and in communities where they have been wreaking havoc across the country in National interest.的t notes that the failure of the government to raise an effective campaign against the killings by herdsmen is the reason they have continued to kill, while there is no visible plan to pacify the aggrieved.
CAN recalls with pains, disappointments, and worries how Nigerians in the North East, Middle Belt and southern parts of Nigeria become visibly endangered with sustained attacks from Boko Haram, herders and armed bandits.

Such developments are not only inimical to the progress of Nigeria, they will continue to weaken the unity of the country if left unchecked・ CAN explodes CAN urges all and sundry to continue to pray for peace and tranquility of Nigeria and most importantly, for the parents and relations of all abducted schoolchildren.

Christians across the federation should also not forget to pray for the bereaved families of those attacked by the Boko Haram terrorists, armed herdsmen, bandits and other criminals in the past couple of months in Nigeria.

CAN reminds Christians across the federation the importance of the forth coming general election and the need for them to fully participate this time, by trooping to obtain their voters cards with which to play a role in the emergence of new set of political leaders in Nigeria during next year痴 elections who could guarantee their security and safety.

Surprisingly, CAN is just waking up after failing to heed to the calling and or warning of the greatest of prophet of our time, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
Interestingly, CAN is calling for a nationwide protest after labelling IPOB protesters tout and jobless youth, despite the fact they saw elderly men and women, physically challenged persons and children during the protests.

Chibueze John, BTV reporter who reported this news, wish to inform Biafra Christians to shun such call for acquiring PVC and embarking on nationwide protest, but to support IPOB in their preparation for upcoming Referendum because the CAN leadership and other Church leaders are hypocrites who doesnt care about their followers but interested in how much they are making from them and from the government of Buhari. Moreover, he wish to remind them that these Church leaders have failed Christians the way Nigerian Leaders failed Nigerians, because they called for obtaining of PVC in the last general election, to vote out GEJ for saint Buhari to be elected.


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