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Biafrans Ahead Of Time Move Down To Washington DC As Operation Cow Dance 2 Draws Near

Report reaching Biafra TV has states that Biafrans in U.S, Canada and Mexico have taken an early arrival to Washington DC ahead of 30th April Operation Cow Dance 2 in Washington DC. Biafrans who found themselves living afar, from states and countries within North America decided to move down to nearby states to Washington DC as a way to avert their late arrival to the scene of Operation Cow Dance 2.

Operation Cow Dance 1 which forced Buhari's impostor leave UK on 21st April against his pre-planned schedules is a protest aimed at ascertaining and unmasking the true identity of the man impersonating President Buhari through DNA test

The issues surrounding Buhari's real identify has been controversial after he was declared brain dead and incapacitated by UK doctors which British Government in collaboration with Fulani cabals deliberately classified information that could lead to ascertaining the true situation on ground as regards to Buhari's true state.

The 30the April Operation Cow Dance in Washington will not only be a concern to Abuja, but by extension a litmus test for President Donald Trump's hard stand against human rights abuses which Buhari has terribly abused the rights of indigenous people of Biafra as published by U.S Department of State, EU and Amnesty International

Besides that, Abuja gets heavily disturbed as posters of Biafra referendum floods nooks and crannies of Biafraland. Biafra TV on a street tour in Igwuocha, Aba, and Onitsha reports that Biafrans in the aforementioned areas are busy using the medium of posters and flyers in raising awareness of the forthcoming Biafra referendum.

Sadly, BTV Reporter in Aba, sighted Nigerian Army and Police who are supposed to be contending with the Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen, busy removing Referendum Posters as if the removal of the Posters will stop Biafra Referendum.


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