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Pupils Turned Bread Winners in Nigeria

Nigeria failed to demonstrate a sense of commitment to the future of the youth.  The failed Nigerian economy exposes hungry children to fend for themselves as children are always seen on the street and markets hocking and engaged in hard labour.

Analysing the statistics involving child labour, The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) 2017 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) says about 50.8 per cent of Nigerian children, ages between five and 17, are involved in child labour. The NBS conducted the survey in conjunction with other partners, including the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) and the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF).

National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) and Nigerian General Household Panel Survey (NGHPS) conducted by the National Population Commission (NPopC). “The high level of diverse and tedious jobs that children execute in dangerous circumstances is particularly worrying. “These jobs include being street vendors, beggars, car washers or watchers and shoe shiners. “Others work as apprentice mechanics, hairdressers and bus conductors, while a large number work as domestic servants and farm hands. “Traditionally, children have worked with their families, but today children are forced to work for themselves and their family’s survival. “The money earned by child family members has become a significant part of poor families’ income.

“These children who work suffer from fatigue, irregular attendance at school, lack of comprehension and motivation, improper socialisation, exposure to risk of sexual abuse, high likelihood of being involved in crime. “These children who are mostly young girls, should be in school but instead, they are in the market hawking food items because their families need the extra income,” she said.
Considering the continual failure of the Nigerian state, Child labour certainly would take a new dimension in 2018 after the Fulani Herdsmen invasions where more than ten thousand school children have been forced out of school.


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