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Police Helped Herdsmen to Kill Community Leader to Compensate for a Missing Cow

The Nigerian Police are clearly playing their game in the open as they work hard to impress President Buhari by helping Fulani Herdsmen to kill a community leader as compensation for their missing cow.

There was pandemonium in Itigidi, headquarters of Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State, following the alleged murder of a community leader and mortician, Mr. Isong Nkanu by the Police.

Trouble started when some village chiefs and the youth leader were invited by the Police and later detained over an issue that started sometime in October 2017, when some herdsmen allegedly reported that one of their cows was killed by unknown persons in the community.
It was gathered that their detention irked the community youths, who went on protest during which one of them was shot dead by the Police.

Information reaching Biafra Television stated that one of the community leaders who narrated the incident said, they thought the matter had been taken care of, but were surprised that the Itigidi Police Division invited their chiefs, including the youth leader.
The source said: “When the chiefs and our youth leader were invited, they honoured the invitation as law-abiding citizens, but were detained and this infuriated the entire community, which led to a protest.

“The youths went on a protest without any weapon or arms; they went to register their grievances over the arrests.
“It shows they have respect for authority and law; it was during the demonstration that Isong, one of the community leaders, was shot dead by Police.”


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