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Police Molestation Continue Unabated In Biafra Land

It appears that the security forces sent to Biafra land have been mandated to deal heavily with Biafrans and having seen that the Indigenous People of Biafra could not be seen in the streets, they resort to lash their anger against anybody the so wish.

A video of a local transporter being molested in his tricycle has gone viral.  In one of the shows by the Nigerian Police, who deal decisively with anybody that resist extortion, the young man fell victim to the unabated molestation of the Police. An eye witness said the victim was being tortured because he said he did not have money to give to the Police and they began to make attempts to forcefully whisk him away. 

It is clear that Nigerian security forces have intensified their cruelty in their operations in Biafra land. All through Biafra land, there have been heavy cries of illegal arrest, harassment and extortion from the Nigerian Police, army and the DSS.

Last in the week the DSS went round Jewish synagogues in Aba and Igweocha, stopped them in their Shabbat service, loot the synagogues and whisking away worshipers to an unknown destination and took away items found in the synagogues including the Torah.


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