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Nigerian Democracy Is Being Run by Military Force

Amnesty International has observed that out of the 36 states of Nigeria, 30 is under heavy military siege.
Ojigho said the frequent deployment of the military to communities with clashes undermines the efficacy of the police.

She said in most cases, the military employs “excessive and unlawful force,” often leading to the loss of innocent lives and destruction of property.
Ojigho cited an incident in December 2017, when a fighter jet had fired warning shots in an Adamawa village to prevent reprisals between the villagers and herdsmen.

“The frequent deployment of soldiers has resulted in many cases of excessive use of force, unlawful killings and extrajudicial executions throughout the country,” the statement read.
“The Nigerian military is currently performing security operations in 30 out of Nigeria’s 36 states and the federal capital territory, often taking over routine policing duties.
“The government’s reliance on the military for help in handling what should be public order situations has also seriously undermined the role of the Nigerian police.

“In some cases where the Nigerian security agencies did respond to communal violence, they used excessive or unlawful force resulting in even more deaths and destruction.
“On 4 December 2017, Nigeria’s air force sent fighter jets to fire rockets at villages as a “warning” to deter spiralling communal violence, as hundreds of herdsmen attacked at least five villages in Adamawa state to avenge the massacre of up to 51 members of their community, mostly children, the previous month in Kikan.


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