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Ijaw Assembly Call for Referendum

The call for a referendum has been widely accepted across different groups in Biafra land.  In addition to the Eastern Consultative Forum in Enugu who declared that there shall be no more elections here since Nigeria refused restructuring, another group in Ijaw land have also taking a similar stand making the quest for Biafra referendum appear more realistic across Biafra land.

The Ijaw Republic Assembly, IRA, has said that the people of Southern Nigeria will push for a referendum before the 2019 elections.
Speaking, a human right activist, and spokesperson of the group, Annkio Briggs pointed out that this is the only way Southerners could remain in Nigeria.

She told reporters, “There is nothing about Nigeria that can worry me. It is good for us. The moment you are convinced about something, you must take a position that that thing can favour you. I have no disagreement with any Niger Delta group that is for the good of the Niger Delta and I should be part of it. It is better late than nothing at all.

“They said Boko Haram had been technically defeated and afterwards they came back to life again. Their flag was handed over to Buhari in the Villa and they were also decimated. What are we talking about?

“If these are the same people that government is releasing $1billion to fight, even the UN said it was the kick-off amount to clean up Ogoni oil spill. First, that money is coming from the Niger Delta and you want to use it to fight an organisation that you said was small and was defeated. I think that money is for an election.

 “I had said it long ago that there was a grand plan to Islamise Nigeria. Since these things are now playing out as planned, then we have to come to terms with the reality. Buhari has a sectional drive for himself and his people. What is left for us is for the Yorubas, Igbos, Itsekiris, Urhobos, Niger Delta people to push for a referendum before the 2019 elections. The referendum must be accepted based on ethnic nationalities.

“We must ask ourselves whether we want to remain in Nigeria or not. If we agree or we don’t agree, we still need to sit down and talk. I believe in my position because it will be good for my people. We are not at war, yet we are asking for peace. We are not at war, yet people are walking on foot from the far north to the south armed.


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