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Herdsmen Rendered a 102 Year Old Woman Homeless

In Markurdi, an old woman have been spotted among those who survived the attack by Fulani Herdsmen in Benue State.

 It was a pitiable sight in the camps where survivors of the new year day attacks on communities in Logo and Guma local government areas of Benue State, that left over 73 persons dead, are taking temporary shelter. Two of the camps, situated in Daudu in Guma local government area and habour over 10,000 displaced persons from the Guma axis, were over stretched but still open to receiving more inmates. The camps, located at the RCM Primary School, Dauduand the Shelter Camp, built by the United Nations agencies few years ago to provide safe haven for the distressed families.
102-year-old… Mama Umem Shiga from TseNongo village and several of the inmates had resorted to sleeping in the open despite the chilly harmattan weather. They include pregnant women and children.

Some of the inmates, who acknowledged that the situation was beyond the state government, appealed to the international community and public spirited organizations and individuals to come to their aid. 102-year-old Mama Umem Shiga from TseNongo village, who is the oldest inmate in one of the camps, lamented her condition, stressing that she was saddened by the fact that herdsmen sacked her from her home at a time she was getting closer to her grave.

According to the woman, “At my present age, I should not be displaced. I ought to be in my home preparing for when God calls me. “It is sad that this is happened to us at a time when things are so difficult and our children are managing to make ends meet. “So many of our children have been killed and those who survived do not have homes anymore.


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