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Fulani Power Brokers in the North Controls Nigeria - IPOB

In the press statement by Emma Powerful, the Indigenous People of Biafra are embittered that in Nigeria, those at the corridor of power turned to become the real culprits for proscribing the armless, peaceful Indigenous People of Biafra terrorist while the real terrorists have enjoyed the protection of those at the corridor of power.

According to the statement:
“What Fulani herdsmen have been doing is mass murder and orchestrated genocide, yet all the anti-IPOB voices from the South East, South South and South West have fallen silent. They are scared of making the same demands Northern politicians forced them to make in the case of IPOB. Gov. Rochas Okorocha has suddenly gone mute, the unity of his beloved Nigeria is no longer threatened despite the senseless savagery of Fulani terror herdsmen. Nobody is hearing from Tanko Yakassai and Ango Abdullahi again.

This has clearly shown that South Eastern Governors, Nnia Nwodo led Ohaneze, South South and South West politicians, with a few notable exceptions, are opportunistic charlatans that will do anything to please the North in return for power and wealth. It doesn't matter how many are killed, how many villages are sacked and pillaged, as long as Fulani power brokers in the North controls all the levers of governance and military, they must be obeyed. South East governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo are the very worst culprits in this regard.


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