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Dakku Rises in Defence of Fulani Herdsmen

There is evidence to the saying that Fulani politicians are using everything within their reach to defend the Herdsmen. Politicians from Biafra land have been so enslaved to the Fulanies that they rather sale off the people under their political terrain to please the Fulanies rather than defend them but for Aishatu Jibril Dakku, the will of the Fulanies must be respected and while they kill you, you must be patient with them.

As One more evidence from the a member of the house of representatives,  Hon. Aishatu Jibril Dukku, Nafada Federal Constituency of Gombe State, who threw her weight behind herdsmen, saying their cows are very important to them.
In her defence, during plenary on herdsmen attacks, Dukku said Fulani herdsmen value lives of their cows more than their own lives.

 In her words: “You can’t sit down and make conclusions on herdsmen. Yes, they value life of their cows more than even their own lives because that is how God has created them.
“Nigerians have become so edgy these days, maybe because of the food we eat, maybe because we eat too much of maggi.

“We have become so impatient that’s why we don’t listen to each other.
“We don’t want to proffer solution that will be workable to our country.


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