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A Yoruba rapist "Am an angel"

…I told her not to sleep in her father’s house that night, that I’m the angel God sent to save her life from death – Rapist By Joseph Undu

 A 31-YEAR-old commercial bus driver and Muslim faithful, Alaba Shodamola, was recently, arrested by the police in Lagos for allegedly raping a 20- year-old girl (name withheld) under the pretence of being her God-sent Angel to save her from being killed in the night by enemies. The suspect who lives at 24, Mosan Road, Ipaja, Lagos, according to police sources, was arrested after disguising as an Angel to have illicit sexual affair with the unsuspecting girl. The source told Crime Guard; “On June 7, 2017 around 9.00 pm, the suspected rapist lured the unsuspecting victim who was sent on an errand by her father, to his house. Rape He told her that if she slept in her father’s house that night, she would die. He lied to her that her enemies were going to kill her in the night, insisting that the only thing that would save her was for her to follow him to his house where he would stop her enemies who wanted to take her life in the night.” God-sent angel According to sources; “He allegedly deceived her by claiming to be her ‘God sent Angel’ that will save her from the impending danger. It was then that he lured the girl to his house and raped her. The driver later allowed her to go at about 1.00 am. Before then, the father had already reported to the police station that her daughter was missing.” It was gathered that the victim was later arrest.


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