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Shocking: Obasanjo Is The Great GrandFather Of Corruption In Nigeria (Fayose)

Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose has described
former President Olusegun Obasanjo as grandfather
of corruption in Nigeria who sits on stolen wealth.


According to THE NATION, the Governor
challenged Obasanjo to explain to Nigerians his
source of “stupendous wealth”. Fayose in a
statement on Thursday by his Special Assistant on
Public Communication and New Media, Lere
Olayinka, said, “It smacked of the highest level of
hypocrisy for someone like Obasanjo to be
sermonizing about corruption, having superintended
over a corrupt government himself.

“The former President must come out clean on his
roles in the controversial $1.09 billion Malabu Oil
deal, instead of warning former Attorney-General of
the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice
Mohammed Adoke to stop mentioning his name in
the deal.

“It is on record that the out-of-court settlement on
the controversial Malabu Oil Block was initiated in
2006 during Obasanjo’s administration.

Obasanjo’s accusing anyone of corruption was like
“Oyenusi accusing Shina Rambo of armed robbery.
“I challenge the former President to explain to
Nigerians the source of his stupendous wealth. We
saw how Obasanjo was when he became president
and the magnitude of both direct and indirect
investments that he has now. Can he in all honesty
tell Nigerians that he acquired his wealth through
legitimate means?

“Even the National Assembly affirmed him
(Obasanjo) as the grandfather of corruption in
Nigeria and it is on record that it was this same
Obasanjo, who is always claiming holier than thou
that introduced politics of ghana-must-go bags to
the National Assembly.

“Has Obasanjo forgotten how many billions of
naira was deployed to lobby National Assembly
members to support his third term agenda?”
“Has he forgotten so soon that it was during his
tenure that sacks of money were displayed on the
floor of the House of Representatives, as bribe
money given to some Reps members to impeach
the then Speaker, Ghali N’abba?

“I reiterate my demand that the former President
should refund with interest, the N10 million that I
was forced alongside other governors to donate to
his Presidential Library project.

“Someone like Obasanjo, who used his position as
President to extort money from governors,
businessmen and contractors to build his
presidential library lacked moral rights to accuse
anyone of corruption.”

“Other Nigerians who left offices as President are
still relevant to their people, but can the same be
said about Obasanjo? Was he useful to the Yoruba
race as President and now as former President?
“The bad state that he left major roads linking the
Southwest to other zones in Nigeria, especially the
Lagos-Ibadan expressway remains a pointer to
this. Yet, he goes about postulating as if he is the
only honest Nigerians who can make things right
in the country.”


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