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Shocking Alleged Plot Against Biafrans Exposed (Must Read)

Biafrans  are warned to be beware of Ismalia Jamal, whom the top
ranking Nigeria cabal has succeeded in convincing
to carry a plastic surgery look alike of our dead
president, Jamal was paid $700 Million united
states dollars for this job, we Nigerians/Biafrans
demands a full DNA test on this imposter, and
everyone involved should be detained for their
involvement in this ungodly act, The CNN news has
reported his death and so other international media,
the Queen of England has sent condolence
message to his family Which still remains in
Google site irrevocable, Nigerians can no longer be
fooled, enough of this.
Jamal is a known counterfeit signature expert and
can speak 5 Nigeria known languages fluently.
Share this message to save this ugly drama


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