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Nigeria: A Land Flowing with (Blood and Tears)

This Special Report (Welcome to Bleeding Republic
of Nigeria: A Land Flowing with Blood and Tears)
a compilation of widespread human rights abuses
in Nigeria in the past 20 months of the four-year
tenure of the central Government of Retired Major
Gen Muhammadu Buhari; covering 1st June 2015 to
31st January 2017. The Report is majorly focused
on Civil and Political Rights; which is one of the
four internationally existing generations of human
rights. These fundamental liberties include citizens’
constitutional and legal rights as well as regional
and international rights provided in Sections 33-46
of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution and several regional
and international legal and rights instruments or
treaties accepted and assented to by the Federal
Republic of Nigeria.
The Civil and Political Rights are also regarded by
the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
1999 amended in 2011 as living rights or
justiciable; which legally and constitutionally means
that they are governmentally observable, protectable
and enforceable, and can be compensated in the
event of their breaches. This is by virtue of Section
46 of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution. Those holding
judicial, executive and legislative offices in Nigeria
are also mandatorily required in Section 13 of
Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution to conform to, observe
and apply these constitutional liberties in discharge
of their constitutional duties.
President M. Buhari’s military background and his
grossly poor human rights antecedents including 20
months of his maximum military rulership (January
1984-August 1985) was critically assessed and
compared with past 20 months of his present
civilian Presidency in Nigeria.
Research Methodology:
This Special Report was compiled by the Research
Team of International Society for Civil Liberties and
the Rule of Law headed by Emeka Umeagbalasi-a
Criminologist & Graduate of Security Studies with
post graduate expertise in Peace & Conflict Studies.
It was largely built on previous reports on security
and human rights issues in Nigeria; issued by
respected international rights organizations and
research institutions such as Amnesty International,
Human Rights Watch, the Committee for the
Protection of Journalists (CPJ), the Global
Terrorism Index of the Institute for Economics and
Peace; and the (Christian) Open Doors International,
among others. Those reports were technically
aggregated, congregated, studied and updated in
this Special Report.
The Special Report was further built on previous
publications of Intersociety and credible media
reports on the subject matter by leading local and
international print and web media. Intersociety also
gathered reliable data and information from leading
victim-groups such as IPOB, Shiite Muslim sect and
the authorities of the ECWA Church and the Catholic
Archdiocese of Kafanchan in Kaduna, etc. Data
gathered were independently verified.
We also conducted series of interviews with
accompanied legal certifications from members of
some dead victims’ families and the shot and
wounded victims or survivors. All the photos used
in the photo segment of this Report were carefully
verified and traced to the crime victims, crime
scenes and crime perpetrators. In all, it is a hybrid
based Special Report.
Various citizens’ constitutional and legal rights and
safeguards in Nigeria as well as their regional and
international counterparts which the Federal
Republic of Nigeria willingly assented to and
accepted to be bound by, were also studied and
applied in the course of this Special Report. Pieces
of useful information from security establishments
and other agencies of the Government of Nigeria
available at open sources were considered as well.
Executive Summary:
Welcome To Bleeding Republic of Nigeria: A Land
Flowing With Blood & Tears; is a compilation of the
State of Widespread Rights Abuses covering the
past 20 months of the central civilian Government
of Retired Major Gen Muhammadu Buhari or from
1st June 2015 to 31st January 2017. The present
central Government of Nigeria headed by Retired
Major Gen Muhammadu Buhari was elected and
sworn in on 29th May 2015 for a four-year term
(May 29th 2015-May 29th 2019).
The Special Report is saddening but unique in that it
found that regime atrocities, abuse of office and
gross contempt for constitutionalism and human
rights principles; which were widespread in 20
months of Major Gen Muhammadu Buhari (as he
then was) military’s inglorious epoch or from
January 1984-August 1985; have also become
widespread in the past 20 months of his current
civilian Presidency or from 1st June 2015- 31st
January 2017.
Of the existing four generations of human rights
locally and internationally, the civil and political
rights; constitutionally tagged living rights or
justiciable are the worst violated by the current
civilian Presidency of Muhammadu Buhari. Our
Report, which is divided into text and photo
segments, empirically found that average of 550
defenceless and unarmed citizens were slaughtered,
butchered or shot dead in each of the past 20
months of the Buhari’s civilian Presidency covering
June 2015 to January 2017.
A total of over 11,000 criminal or unlawful deaths
were also recorded in the said past 20 months.
This is the highest in the history of democratic
Nigeria; particularly under a non war situation. The
most shocking part of it is that the central
Government of Retired Major Gen Muhammadu
Buhari and its security agencies particularly the
Army, Police and Air Force are collectively
responsible for about 52% or over 5700 while the
Nomad Fulani and the Boko Haram terrorists
accounted for the remaining 48% or over 5300
Over 2000 Christian lives were also lost to Nomad
Fulani Jihadists in Nigeria in 2016 alone, with at
least 850 killed in Southern Kaduna while over 1200
others took place in Benue, Enugu, Taraba,
Nasarawa and Plateau States, etc. Over 800
criminal deaths associated with killing of Christians
took place in the last six months of 2015. Even the
Buhari Administration through its National
Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and its
Kaduna State counterpart-SEMA, had on their part,
claimed that 376 persons were killed in Southern
Kaduna between May and December 2016. They
also labelled the killing of Christians by untouchable
Nomad Fulani Jihadists as “communal clashes”.
In January 2017 alone, over 350 defenceless
citizens lost their lives to wilful air bombing by the
Nigerian Air Force, Pro-Trump Rally killing by
Nigerian Army and Nomad Fulani and Boko Haram
Jihadism. The Buhari Administration’s warped
report with mangled figures on Southern Kaduna
Christian butcheries is contained here: http://
southern-kaduna-in-6-months-report/183924.html .
Through custodial killings arising from torture and
wilful custodial shootings, not less than 4000
criminal deaths may most likely have been recorded
in the hands of Police SARS, SCIDs and the Army
across the country in the said past 20 months; on
average of 200 per month or six per State monthly.
A clear case of custodial killings in Nigeria was the
Ezu River saga of 19th January 2013 in Anambra
State of Nigeria where between 30 and 40 lifeless
bodies strongly believed to be victims of Anambra
State Police SARS extra judicial executions were
found floating in Ezu River.
Another newest case is contained in the recent
Amnesty International Special Report for 2016/7 in
which it found that “not less than 240 civilians
including 29 children and babies, aged between
new born and five years, died in 2016 in the
Nigerian Army detention custody at the Giwa
Military Barracks in Maiduguri, Borno State and
were secretly buried in Maiduguri’s cemetery by the
Borno State Environmental Protection Agency staff”.
Yet another case in point was the recent arrest of
six operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad
(SARS) of the Anambra State Police Command at
Awkuzu: namely- Adolphosus Dimgba, Gabriel
Imafidon, Chukwudili Oyenka, Pat Amadike, Usman
Bala Hamza, Theodore Igiede and Amechi Ebere
Okonkwo. The torture and murder culprits were
arrested on IGP’s order for torture and murder in
custody of Citizen Ejike Bob-Manuel on 16th
February 2016. The deceased was arrested,
detained, tortured and murdered in captivity
following a business dispute with the mastermind,
Mr. Jerome Aghachukwu; leading to a petition
written to Nigeria Police Headquarters by the Joint
Legal Action Aids (JLAA) led by Barr Kingsley Ughe.
The Nigerian Army, the Nigeria Police Force and the
Nigerian Air Force and their chiefs and commander-
in-chief; on the other hand, are collectively,
vicariously and individually responsible for the State
murder of at least 1750 unarmed and defenceless
citizens between 30th August 2015 and 31st
January 2017 including the Rann IDP bombing by
the Nigerian Air Force that killed at least 236
defenceless citizens on 17th January 2017. These
State killings did not include 240 persons including
29 children and babies that died in the custody of
the Nigerian Army in 2016 in Borno State, as
exclusively reported by Amnesty International. When
added, the number of State murders under the
Buhari Administration in the said past 20 months
will be 1990 deaths.
Other documented State murders contained in this
Special Report are the mass killing of 1120
defenceless Shiite Muslims and massacre of at
least 270 unarmed Pro-Biafra Campaigners in the
periods between August 2015 and January 2017
including 15-20 unarmed citizens or more killed at
the Pro-Trump Solidarity Rally on 20th January
2017. Over 870 members and supporters of IPOB
and Shiite Muslim sect were also terminally shot
and wounded by Nigerian security forces in the said
past 20 months.
Three genocides (i.e. mass killing in droves of
unarmed and defenceless members of a particular
ethnic or religious group whether in war or non war
situations) and two war crimes have also been
recorded in the past 20 months of the Buhari
Government or between June 2015 and January
2017. They are Shiite Muslim Procession Genocide,
Pro Biafra Campaign Genocide and Southern Kaduna
Christian Genocide; as well as two war crimes
involving the Rann IDP Bombing and the Maiduguri
Giwa Military Barracks Custody Killing of 240
Civilians (including 29 children and babies).
The number of citizens arrested and dumped into
several months of detention without trial in the past
20 months of the Buhari’s Government is also
alarming and shocking. The authorities of SSS are
substantially responsible for this aspect of gross
abuse of the citizens’ constitutional and legal rights;
likewise muzzling of press freedoms and
democratic free speeches and reckless
disobedience to court orders and other judicial
pronouncements. Incidences of harassment and
intimidation of independent journalists and bloggers
have also gone viral in the past 20 months of the
Buhari Government in Nigeria. In all, the state of
human rights violations under the Buhari civilian
Government is horribly and alarmingly widespread.
1. International Society for Civil Liberties and the
Rule of Law (Intersociety), is calling on the central
civilian Government of Retired Major Gen
Muhammadu Buhari/Federal Government of Nigeria
to end the senseless and wicked massacre by both
security forces and armed opposition groups
particularly the Nomad Fulani and Boko Haram
Jihadists of unarmed and defenceless citizens
individually and massively, as well as other forms
of regime atrocities that had pervaded the Buhari
Administration in the past 20 months. There should
also be total policy reversal including unconditional
release of all political detainees and end to policy
of militarism and militarization.
2. The Buhari Administration/Federal Government of
Nigeria should set aside $5Bliion for adequate
compensation of over 1750 victims of State
murders and 4000 victims of Police SARS/Army
custodial killings as well as not less than 2800
unarmed Christians killed by Nomad Fulani
Jihadists between June 2015 and January 2017.
The $5Billion State Crime Victims Compensation
Scheme, which will be subject to 50% upward
review every five years if unpaid; should be divided
into four categories of: $1Billion to members or
families and group-victims (IPOB) of over 270 slain
members of IPOB and other Pro-Biafra
Campaigners; $500Million to over 370 terminally
shot and injured Pro-Biafra Campaigners;
$1.5Billion to 1120 slain members of the Shiite
Muslims and their IMN as well as $500Million for
400 of their members terminally shot and wounded.
The sum of $500Million should be set aside by the
Buhari Government/Federal Government of Nigeria
through its Ministry of Police Affairs for
compensation of 4000 victims who may most likely
have been slain in the past 20 months, by way of
custodial killings arising from torture and wilful
custodial shootings. This should be done on the
basis of proper identification of dead victims by
their immediate families and lawyers. The remaining
$1Billion should be paid by the Buhari Government
to the families and the churches of over 2800 dead
Christians who are victims of the Nomad Fulani
Jihadism in Nigeria since June 2015.
This is on account of the Buhari Government’s
vicarious culpability, by way of aiding and abetting.
As the national grand patron of “the Miyatti Allah
Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria”, President
Muhammadu Buhari appeared to have allowed
personal sentiments to becloud his official position
as the father of the country and protector of every
citizen irrespective of his or her ethno-religious and
age background or identity. Till date, no
investigations into the killing of Christians have
been carried out and concluded and the perpetrators
are still on the prowl.
3. The Buhari Government/Federal Government of
Nigeria must arrest and prosecute all the
perpetrators of the above mentioned heinous crimes
perpetrated between June 2015 and January 2017.
Those to be arrested and prosecuted include the
current Army Chief of Staff, the former IGP of Police
(August 2015-May 2016), the current IGP of Police,
the Chief of Air Staff, the Chief of Defence Staff, the
GOC 82nd Division of the Nigerian Army, Enugu
(from August 2015 to May 2016); the Commanders
of 302 Artillery Regiment, Onitsha, 144 Battalion of
the Nigerian Army, Aba (August 2015 to May 2016
or till date) and current Commander of the 6th
Division of the Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt; as well
as Major M.I. Ibrahim of the Nigerian Military
Police, who militarily led the May 29th and 30th
Biafra Heroes Day massacre in Nkpor, Onitsha and
Others are Commissioners of Police of Anambra
and Abia States (August 2015 to May 2016), the
Aba Area Commander (between January a


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