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Just In: Israel carries out air strikes inside Syria again (See)

Fighter jets bomb multiple targets,
prompting retaliation in the form of
ground-to-air missiles, Israeli army

The Israeli army says its aircraft have
carried out several strikes inside Syria
overnight, prompting the launch of
Syrian ground-to-air missiles in
response, one of which was

It was one of the most serious
incidents between the two countries,
which remain technically at war, since
civil war broke out in Syria in March

In response of the attack, the Syrian
government deployed air defence
systems and fired a number of missiles
towards Israeli jets, Israeli daily
Haaretz reported.

None of the missiles struck the jets,
the army said, though one of the
projectiles was intercepted by Israel's
Arrow missile defence system north of
Jerusalem, according to Haaretz.
"Overnight ... aircraft targeted several
targets in Syria," an Israeli army
statement said.

"Several anti-aircraft missiles were
launched from Syria following the
mission and [army] aerial defence
systems intercepted one of the

Rocket sirens sounded in Israeli
settlements in the Jordan valley, the
military said and two witnesses heard
an explosion a few minutes later,
Reuters news agency reported.
The government in Damascus had yet
to comment on the incident.

Both Israeli and foreign news media
have reported Israeli air strikes inside
Syria targeting arms convoys of
Lebanese group Hezbollah, which
fought a 2006 war with Israel and is
now fighting alongside the Syrian
But normally Israel makes no official

The missile fire prompted air raid
sirens to go off in the Jordan Valley
during the night, the Israeli army said.


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