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IPOB Responds To Prof. Soludo's Plea To Join Nigerian (Zoo) Politics.

IPOB responds to plea by Prof. Soludo for them to join Nigerian politics - Prof. Soludo Urges IPOB To Join Local Politics & Lets Elect The Best Among Us. Their responds came from a Facebook page of a Biafran monitored by eritvnews. Below is the respond message shared by many Biafrans on Facebook

"Biafra agitation isn't for political ambition nor for personal interest. Most sincerely, Biafra agitation is for freedom from satanic Britain and demonic Nigeria genocidal bondage against the people of Yahweh for over a century. What extreme inhumanity! Let all glory be to Jehovah [Chukwu Okike Abiama] for standing with Biafra a great deal, for they would have eliminated us all with their ceaseless heinous cruelty. Repent rebellious and gullible Biafrans for it's the height of foolishness to connive with the enemies of your fatherland to ravage it for any reason and consider these heartless foes to deem you wise and worthy. To them, you're worse than the worst fool on earth. They habitually mock you behind your back and cheer you before your face. The massive doom of Biafra adversaries shall come like mighty flood from the ocean and overwhelm them in the mighty name of Yahweh [Chukwu Okike Abiama]. Jah bless all devoted and faithful Biafrans and Biafra lovers worldwide for theirs is the kingdom of heaven on earth. Much divine Love."


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