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I can't marry you because you are too exposed

Someone once told me..

"I can't marry you. You" are too exposed and I won't be able to control you. I need to marry someone who I would be able to control as my wife"

I have heard men say this over and over again in conversations when the issue of marriage pops up.

What the hell does that mean???

You want to marry someone you can control like you do with your remote to your television set.

Is that how marriage should be?? Why stress the importance of being 'controllable' as one of the criteria you seek when searching for a partner?

Is she a goat, dog, sheep?
Does she look like a radio set to you?
Is she your slave?

Work on your esteem issues ... Mba!!
You are bent on looking for someone that would validate your superiority ego, stroke your battered esteem by wielding control.

If you are a man, and you nurse this silly idea of control, marriage isn't for you.

Just go get yourself a bingo. When you  tell bingo to eat your faeces, he/she would do so with all pleasure.


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