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Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Is A Man of Vision And IPOB Is Unstoppable (Must Read)

THE Biafran struggle is a legitimate one. This
has been attested to by both foreign and Nigerian
commentators. The attempt to muzzle it by force
will only escalate the situation and even cause
the Nigerian government more embarrassment.
The people have a genuine right to determine
who they want to associate and live together with
as a nation. When you suppress justice, you only
postpone the evil day.

Nnamdi Kanu is today a hero to his people
because the Federal government caused it to
happen that way. He has become a hero of the
cult-like status and there is nothing anyone can
do to suppress the growing sentiment. I hope
those in authority have wizened up.
All over the world, people now want to determine
how they are governed – Spain, UK and many
other places. Dialogue under very peaceful and
conducive atmosphere is what gives the desired
result. So far, the case of Biafra should follow
that option. The Igbo ethnic group inhabit all
parts of Nigeria, In fact, there is a saying, that “if
you arrive in any town and do not find an Igbo
man there, take your bag and run away”. Since
they are found across Nigeria, I doubt if all of
them will choose the option of a new Biafran
nation, that is if a clear referendum is held on the
issue. That again, is left for the federal
government to decide.
We have always known that a strong and united
Nigeria, with one focus and goal, will be a great
force in the comity of nations and an envy of
other powers but, that is not enough to enforce
an unworkable association. So far, in reality, it is
becoming increasingly difficult to effect a one
and united Nigerian nation. I believe we can only
achieve this if the government subject the choice
to a true referendum, involving the people. If the
people are allowed to decide fairly, through their
individual vote, they are bound to respect the
outcome of the referendum. But this is not the
focus of this piece.
Although I empathise with the philosophies of the
Biafran agitators, I have come to the conclusion
that, they will not be able to achieve their goal of
a Biafran nation if their mode of operations
continue this way. I came to this conclusion after
closely examining their methods, it is like history
repeating itself. An analysis of the Biafran war of
the sixties will help buttress the point that I am
making here. The eastern region of 1960 covers
the whole of present day South east and South
south states except Delta and Edo.

The Biafra war was a culmination of genocidal
tendencies against the Igbos and people of the
south by extreme elements in the northern part of
Nigeria but the manner Odumegwu Ojukwu
responded was not in tandem with other tribes of
the south south. Although he had such people
like Colonel Effiong in his team, the south south
did not fully support the Biafrans in the war and
this is because, Ojukwu did not carry out
effective/meaningful consultations with his
neighbours and fellow south south brothers. The
Aburi documents revealed that, then Col. David
Ejoor, a South south officer, told the body that:
“we want to see our commander in chief”, at a
time nobody knew where Aguiyi Ironsi, the
assassinated head of state was. That kind of
person should have been courted properly to join
the struggle, instead, they chose to go it alone,
believing in their superior strength over their
neighbours. Under that superior and arrogant
stance that the Igbos have been accused of till
today, they embarked on that expedition and the
rest is history.

When the Biafrans invaded the then Mid west
region, present day Edo and Delta states, the
military governor of the state, then Col. David
Ejoor, was forced to run away from Benin to
Lagos to take refuge. The story then was that he
rode on a bicycle from Benin to Lagos. You
cannot force a people into a relationship that they
do not desire. As a result of the Biafran actions,
the South south turned their back on the Biafran
cause and helped the federal troops gain
foothold on the Biafran territories through the
creeks and hinterlands. If the Igbos and the
minority South south tribes had been united in
the Biafran course, the outcome of the civil war
would have been different.

The Igbos saw the South south minority tribes as
inconsequential and as a people they can over
ride and that was their greatest undoing. When
the Igbos, they were surprised at the hostility
shown to them by their fellow Igbo speaking
Ikwerres of Port Harcourt city. Till date, Igbo
abandoned properties have not been returned to
their original owners like it happened elsewhere.
For me that was where Biafra lost it in the sixties
and they have started the same way again. A
close look at the Biafra map currently in
circulation have states like Edo, Delta, Rivers,
Akwa Ibom, Cross River, part of Ondo and even
Benue and Kogi as Biafra land. Biafrans want
these people to be part of them,yet no line of
dialogue has been initiated with these states or
their consent sought for. Everything been done is
in the realm of assumption. No decision on
how the proposed nation is to run and how the
resources are to be managed. This is very

If the Igbo nation refuses to properly carry along
the minority South south in their fight for a
Biafran nation, I am afraid their aspiration will
certainly be a mountain, too high to climb. To
begin with, let us test this with an open


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