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Biafra : How Ndi-Igbo Wants To Colonise South-South Into Biafra Exposed By Alhaji Sagir Ringim

Sir, I want to thank you for your concern about the
welfare of the people of the South-South by
exposing the plans of the Igbos to recolonize the
region. But I am worried about the sincerity of these
your concerns. Because of these worries, let us
dissect and carefully assess your statements of fear
and concerns in four (4) segments, so as not to
repeat the mistakes of 1964, 1966 and 1967-1970s
till date. In your carefully written letter or chat with
the Journalists as reported in the national dailies
yesterday, you clearly stated that the Igbos want to;
Alhaji Ringim, may I remind you that the economic
prospects of the South-South are currently being
seized and controlled by your people of the
Northern Protectorate of Nigeria. Does that in
anyway mean that you agree that your people have
colonized my region? Are you also aware that even
the oil wells in Abia State, Imo State and Anambra
state and recently Enugu State (Igbo land) is being
owned by your people in the Northern Protectorate?
Are you aware that we in the oil-rich region (South-
South) do not have control over our wealth, and its
fortunes are determined by your people? Are you
also aware that after sharing the proceeds of oil
between your protégés in Shell, Mobil, Agip and
Chevron, the left over is given to 44 local
government of your state Kano, and only 8 Local
government of Bayelsa? How more criminal could
that be?
Do you know that even when the Natural Gas from
my State Akwa Ibom is used to generate power
from my state owned Power Station, that the fraud
of a constitution you fostered on my people does
not allow me to use same electricity in my state or
region, but I am forced to load it into the National
grid that sends same power to your home in Kano
Have you seen how the United Nigeria is enslaving
me? Are you aware that the fraud of your
constitution took away the economic prospects of
my region by empowering only the Federal
government to build roads that your people from the
Northern protectorate never built in my state for
over 40 years until the coming of our own Son
Goodluck Jonathan, when he allowed state
governments to tamper with Federal Roads, yet you
were busy building all the so-called federal roads in
your region.
That your fraud of a constitution imposed on us by
you and your allies in the south-west took away the
power from us to develop on the economic
prospects of the region thereby taking away our
rights to economic progress for over 50 years. And
here you are, sir, getting worried about what the
Igbos will do to my people.
Sir, have you been ever worried about what your
people have done to my people? How many of my
people have you killed in your region? Please tell
me the number of my people slaughtered by the
Igbos in their land that is enough for me to be
weary of them. Remember that these are my
neighbours that lived peacefully with us for
centuries, shared cultures, intermarried and even
celebrated common cultural events before you came
with your successful propagandas that deceived our


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