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Alarming: Prophet Iginla Releases New Prophecy Concerning Buhari's Health

Popular Abuja pastor, Prophet Iginla of Champions Royal Assembly has given President Muhammadu Buhari a sound warning over his health.

I feel all is not well with Buhari’s Health, hence, the need for the powers that be to ask questions and re-examine the rumor making round the world that Buhari is dead. 

President Muhammadu Buhari's health has come into focus again as General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, Joshua Iginla has warned Buhari, to take care of his health by “adhering to medical advice”. The man of God said the prophecy he saw about Buhari recently calls for special prayers.

According to DailyPost, the cleric advised Buhari not to allow politicians play politics with his health.

Revealing more details, the man of God said he saw new visions about the President while in South Africa and urged his congregants to pray for the President.

He said: “I have a prophetic message for the president which God gave me while in South Africa. No president becomes a president without the hand of God, either by permissive or perfect will. When GOD puts anyone there, it’s for a purpose.

“I have a message for him. The Lord says he should take care of his health. He should not allow people around him to play politics with his health.

“In my vision, I saw some people preparing boots with army uniform. They said he should take his bag and start travelling. I saw some white doctors cautioning him not to wear the boot that he should hold on till they are through with his treatment.

“It’s a prophetic advice,’treat yourself and listen to the medical advice.’ Don’t let them hurry you beause what’s the essence of coming home in haste and rushing back in a hurry. It’s because of the hurrying back again that God sent me to you. God has brought you this far. The seat is there for you and waiting for you. It’s only the living that can rule Nigeria and not the dead. Wait until there is a medical clearance.

“Do not allow politicians to use your life to play politics. Its only the living that can rule Nigeria. I saw a vision where people hurried him to wear the boot and come home only for him to be rushed back.

“The reason is because there was an unfinished business medically. Let your persecutors persecute you and say whatever they wanted to say but make sure you give your health attention. It’s only the living that rules. The throne is yours and nobody can occupy it. That’s why you must stay alive.”

It would be recalled that Iginla gave 73 prophetic insights for 2017.

The 8th item on the prophesy read: “His Excellency, Mr. President should pray for his health, I see him traveling out for an unscheduled health checkup. But this time, it will be more serious. He should pray for his health, God will keep him.”

Since leaving the country on the 19th of January, 2017, Buhari has been on extended medical vacation in London with the state of his health shrouded in secrecy.


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