Abdulwahid Abubakar Tumi Esq aka Dubibante Wrote Shocking Letter To Detained Leader of IPOB (Kanu) - eritvnews

Abdulwahid Abubakar Tumi Esq aka Dubibante Wrote Shocking Letter To Detained Leader of IPOB (Kanu)

Dear sir
I am writing on behalf of Nigeria as a whole,
including Biafra which is a very important part of
Nigeria. this is quite a long letter but please do
patiently read

We quite understandfrom that Biafra has suffered a lot in
the past with all the killings which has left nothing
but sorrow, anger and pain, it is really quite logical
in most cases to do some things which is
reasonably not to be done, but who do we blame
for it? We blame the government which is the
system and also blame ourselves for supporting
such system in doing wrong, we blame the system
and yet our youths will still the same people that
would be given guns and money to rig electionor
selling our voters card. how can't we blame
ourselves instead of to blame it on individuals who
are suffering as much as you are, some have
suffered and are still suffering more than you.
The system has failed us but we should not go
about killing each other, let us correct the system
instead of breaking it entirely,

We are born in different areas with different culture,
colours but we remain human, unlike you said
''zoo". Animals don't know the meaning of animal,
so it does no arm to them, but we both know that
Nigeria is not a zoo, like I said the system has
failed us but we can always do something about it
without having to go about killing each other.
You are a man of great influence among the
Biafrans, talk to your people stop this killing, you
might think you are doing the right thing but that's
how it always feel when the devil is trying to get to
you, trust me that's exactly how it feels like. what
Biafra has suffered and still suffering is what is
suffered in different part of the nation, if we all
decided to kill each other in the name of
exploitation and underdevelopment there would be
no Nigeria or Biafra. Remember that you are also a
part of all this whether you accept it or not,because
you started encouraging Biafrans to start a war, to
destroy the zoo. So you are very much a part of it
whether consciously or unconsciously, directly or

One of my best friend back in the university is from
IMO state and he made me understand that people
should not just be perceived based on their tribe,
state,country, culture or beliefs but for who they
really are. Am just scared of wanting to go and visit
my friend without not thinking of getting killed just
because am a northerner or the other way round, it's

Believe me when I say separation will be a very
wrong idea you will ever make to happen, there are
other ways of attaining peace unity and freedom, but
it seems you are going against everything you stand
Peace is not killing each other, that's violence.
Unity is not killing each other, that's dividing.
Freedom is not about killing each other, because
you might think you are free but deep down your
conscience is not free, because you will leave
innocent children without parents, widow,widowers,
bread winners of family. And whatever suffering they
go through or sin these people ever commit will be
to your name, because it's like what you will never
want to wish for yourself, you then wish it on
another, karma is something no man can escape,
and the worst karma can do to any man is to leave
you alive in pain to watch those you care so much
for suffer and cry in pain before your very own eyes,
at that time one will only wish for death but the
best end will be by your own hands.
We have to fight for what we stand for and not just
stand for what we fight for.

Mazi Nnamdi kanu you have families both in and
outside Africa, God forbid but imaging something of
this sought happen to them just because they are
Biafrans? How will you feel?
There is so much we can spend our life fighting
for,but the best thing worth fighting for is to
preserve life.
With regards from


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