The evangelism for Biafra referendum moves to another dimension while the Nigerian oppressive government rely on the Igbo Political elites to advance the use of force to start election campaign in Biafra land. 

The Ebonyi state governor have imposed 2019 campaign levies on the Indigenous People and every business owners in Ebonyi state. Political thugs have been engaged to hunt market men and women and force them to obtain the PVC for the Nigerian 2019 election and the Tricycle riders have also been asked to pay a daily contribution of N200.00 and surrender their Tricycles to be repainted for David Umahi 2019 election campaign. 

Biafra media confirmed the report from Abakeliki province that Governor Umahi in collaboration with the transport Union in the state have insisted that all private owners of tricycles who fail to identify with the governor's re-election bid are no longer allowed to operate in the state. 

In reaction, the transporters bemoan the situation which they describe as oppressive. Biafran media gathered that the majority of the tricycle owners have sold family lands and other important personal belongings to start the business and now the governor wants to reap where he did not sow. 

It could be recalled that the Indigenous People of Biafra stepped out of any further dialogue with the Igbo political elites when Ohaneze Ndigbo failed to prevail over the governors in de-proscribing the Indigenous People of Biafra. 

IPOB have continued to uphold the trust and will of millions of Biafrans all over the world that Biafra referendum is the only election allowed anywhere in Biafra land until Biafra is restored. In ending the dialogue with Ohaneze, IPOB leadership pointed out that Ohanaeze and the Igbo Political elites were only working hard to drag IPOB into the 2019 election and Biafrans will never accept that. 

Biafrans in Ebonyi state however vow to intensify the evangelism for Biafra referendum as the only option to resist the oppression from the oppressive Nigerian government which David Umahi represents. 

While the political elites advanced their oppressive approach to force the Indigenous People into remaining in Nigerian, Biafrans also vow to resist every attempt by the Nigerian government until Biafra referendum is conducted. 

Biafran referendum has once again been confirmed as the only hope for the survival of the remnant Christians from the evil contraption called Nigeria.  This is pointing to the fact that the Indigenous People of Biafra take full cognisance of the ongoing Islamisation agenda in Nigeria while planning her referendum. 

The basic fact that must sink deep into Biafrans is that the United Nations have accepted Nigeria as an Islamic Country and wants the Fulani Islamic government of Nigeria to solidify her Islamic reign bearing in mind that the British 100 years of experiment from 1914 ended 2014.  The United Nations wants the Fulani Oligarchy to invite other regional leaders for discussion on how to take them along but IPOB must not allow this to happen. IPOB must stand on this to ensure that Biafran referendum is conducted immediately to give the regional leaders the power to present and represent the will of Biafrans when they attend the proposed meetings. 

It is also very important that Biafrans understand why the United Nations are speaking from up above and not openly attacking the root of the ongoing horrible killing of Christians in Nigeria.  That the United Nations take position with the Nigerian government by addressing the ongoing Jihad as ordinary farmers/herders clash could be pointing to the fact that the United Nations are not the salvation agents, they are fighting for the Nigeria government as one of their recognized members.

The United Nations did not think it wise to step into Nigeria and use her influence to summon the Nigerian president, all the stakeholders in Nigeria and all the regional leaders and preside over a dialogue and with all transparency come up with a clear plan to end the killing of Christians. No! The United Nations did not even think it right to address the killings in Nigeria properly by acknowledging the fact that Fulani Herdsmen are terrorist group. No! The United Nations secretary general being fully aware that the Fulani Herdsmen are armed, empowered by the Nigerian President with introduction of the President's open grazing law, in collaboration with the military to overrun harmless christian communities and establish cow colonies, described the killings as farmers/herders clash, speak volumes. 

It will be suicidal for Christians to think that the United Nations will liberate Christians from the hands of the Jihadist government of Nigeria.   Contrary to the expectations of many Biafrans, the United Nations only represents the interest of its member states and not the interest of the oppressed masses.

The response from the UN secretary general becomes a worrisome development, if UN is to rely on the oppressive Nigerian government who have not only helped to empower, organise and supervise the killings but have gone ahead to shield the ongoing Islamisation agenda from being given the rightful publication at the global scene, Christians in Nigeria must wake up and seek salvation elsewhere because United Nations do not look like one who actually understand the horrible killing of Christians by the Islamic Fulani Government of Nigeria.

It is clear that Biafran media have actually exposed the killing of Christians in Nigeria to the international community but the proportion of the horrible killings from each state down to its communities are being shielded and it appears that nobody is interested in investigating and keeping the actual records because the degree of killings are horrifying. 

Benue started by lying in state 73 victims in 73 coffins for a mass burial in January and the news hit the whole world, but that was just the beginning. Victims in Plateau and other parts of middle belt are no longer lying in state in a coffin, government authorities have learnt to gather them in a hurry, dispose them in a shallow grave and quickly stand there to watch them covered up in the so called "mass burial". The killings have continued and surely will not stop until the Islamization agenda is complete unless the Indigenous People of Biafra proves to be bold enough to intercept it by organizing her referendum.

Biafra referendum must be conducted now to change the narratives and the position of the United Nations. With the upcoming Biafran referendum, the United Nations would be left with no other option than to recognize the right of the Indigenous People of Biafra. 

Boko Haram overrun Nigerian army in a clear plan by the Fulani Oligarchy to kill every every Biafran in the Nigerian Army.  The Fulani Oligarchy fear that Biafrans who serve in the Nigerian army could withdraw to go and defend Biafra against the Fulani Herdsmen who are already camping in Biafra land.

The report about the missing soldiers by the Nigerian media did not come as a surprise to anybody who is an ardent follower of the history of the ongoing genocide by the Nigerian government against Biafrans.

History is fast repeating itself.  It could be remembered that the 1966 genocide also witness a mass killing of top military officers of Biafran origin and the genocide started from there and continued till 1967 when Lt. Colonel Chukwuemeka Ojukwu was mandated by the Eastern Consultative Assembly to defend Biafrans. 

It could be recalled that videos went viral about Biafrans in Nigerian army who were deployed to fight Boko Haram in Sambisa forest. While the soldiers fought gallantly and to dislodge Boko Haram, they went close to capturing Shakau (leader of Boko Haram), but they received serious calls from highly placed Nigerian military authorities not to touch Shakau. To worsen it, more of the videos that went viral from soldiers in Sambisa forest were videoed by the soldiers themselves and posted online after they were abandoned in Sambisa forest without food and medication. Some Biafrans who spoke in Igbo language  were seen in those videos

Another point to not is that there have been other reports about the Nigerian government releasing Hardened Boko Haram members kept in prison, a new terror group formed in addition to Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen and now Boko Haram attack soldiers and the Nigerian army are unable to account for many of the solders afterwards. 

Could anybody still be in doubt that the only reason why Boko Haram could overpower the solders and hijack more than 8 trucks with hundreds of soldiers missing was that they have been weakened and well positioned for the Attack. 

The Fulani Oligarchy are working assiduously to weaken and wipe out every Biafran in Nigerian army so that there will be no trained soldier to confront them when they invade Biafra land. 

However the number of soldiers unaccounted for are sure to be far more than the declared 18 but the worst aspect is that Biafrans who are currently serving in Nigeria army are in grave danger like 1966.

IPOB once again stands vindicated by the failure of PVC in Ekiti state.  Ekiti state election was not only rigged openly by the APC, it was a display of the helplessness of voters who relied on their PVC to effect change in Nigerian politics. It is now clearer that only IPOB can save Africa. 

There is no amount of preaching that can save the Yoruba people who are already conquered by their contentment in the evil entity called Nigeria.  They have been at the forefront of preaching that PVC is the remedy to the killings in Nigeria. 

Could the Pastors be bold enough to change their message today?  The Yoruba pastors that have deceived their congregation all these while to the point of telling them that the PCV is the ticket to heaven.  They have a responsibility to cover their shame and tell their followers the truth that PCV cannot vote the present government out.

The whole world see it clearly that PVC failed in Ekiti state and it points to the fact that it will also fail in 2019.  The only positive change that can take place in the British contraption called Nigeria is revolution enforced by the people and from all indications the Yorubas are not ready to save themselves from slavery. 

IPOB is at the forefront of the revolution in Africa with the Biafran referendum. The only meaningful thing anybody in the world can do to save Africa especially those who are trapped in the British amalgam called Nigeria is to support the Indigenous People of Biafra.  

To support the Biafran referendum is to support the choice of the people. IPOB has already established strong footprints acknowledge all over the world by leading a peaceful revolution through a referendum. 

IPOB lead the revolution to empower the will of ordinary people through a referendum and with the solid foundations it has established across the world, there is no doubt that the change Africa has been waiting for is just at the corridor. 

Therefore, to support Biafran referendum is to support the move to free the entire Africa from slavery.  

There is no better time in the history of the world that Biafra stands a better chance of conducting her referendum if not the year 2018. 

To every doubting Thomas, it has been confirmed that Britain has lost her place in the international politics. Which other evidence do you need to read the handwriting on the wall. President Trump of the United States of America visits Britain and anybody who understands the relationship between Britain and the United States of America would perfectly draw the lines where things fell apart. 

Britain will never be able to maintain the statuesque in Europe after her exit from the European Union and the gap between her and the U.S. has widened to the point that they protest against the coming of President Trump in the streets of London. 

It is also clear that there is no other reason why President Trump himself would tell the press the relationship between Britain and U.S. remains "very strong" if there are no strong indications that something have gone wrong somewhere.

To worsen it, the British government is also shaking seriously over issues arising from Briexit. Britain is in trouble! Where else are they turning to - Nigeria?  

Turning to Nigerian where Britain has strongly relied on the exploitation of the oil in Biafra land to sustain her economy is obvious her only option which is now appearing to her like a mirage.  Since the scramble and partition of Africa when Bismarck helped Britain 1888 by calling for Berlin conference where Britain used her influence as one of the strongest world powers, then, to push Portugal and other European countries out of Biafra land but today, the Indigenous People are here to reclaim her land and resources from the Britain. 

Nigeria is already destroyed by itself, while IPOB have not even fired a single shot, the killing of Christians by the Fulani Herdsmen who insist in completing the 1804 Jihad has attracted the International community to the fact that Nigeria has no government.  Buhari who Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka prophecies was the choice of God for Nigeria is really proving that God actually want to use him to destroy Nigeria through his role in the ongoing killings in Nigeria. 

It could have been at a time like this that Buhari was elected President; to totally destroy Nigeria without remedy.  Nigeria can never be fixed. Fulani Herdsmen will never stop the killing of Christians  and APC will never give up power. 

Biafra stands the better chance of conducting her referendum now because this is the only time to decide to defend Biafra. Biafra referendum is now or never. It is the best time to make the choice of whether to be or not to be, to die or to live, to build or to destroy, to integrate of disintegrate and to restore Biafra or to be islamised by the marauding Fulani Herdsmen.